Breathless, Speechless, In love

Alison is 18 she doesn't have the best life... her mother drinks and smokes, her father only visits once a month, and she becomes friendless for a while... Until she meets Zayn


3. Getting used to the boys

**Zayn's P.O.V**

"Why don't you clean those cuts. I'll be down stairs in the living room." I said "Zayn." She said before I left the room. I turned around. "Thank you." She whispered. "Anytime." I said closing the door behind me. "LOUIS! WHERE'S MY PIZZA!?" Of course Niall yelled. I rolled my eyes and walked in between them. "Why is it that I'm the only normal one?" Harry asked chuckling. "What are you up to?" I asked him. "Making a parody of our video!" He answered. "TOY STORY!!" Liam yelled jumping over the couch and sitting. "I'm the only normal one!" I said putting my feet on the coffee table. "Hey guys I'm going to be gone for a week or two try not to set the house on fire again." Dave said walking out. "Bye Daddy." Alison said walking down stairs. "Bye sweetie. Don't let the boys pick your plate." He said making her giggle. "Oh and by the way I got you all tickets to see Big Time Movie premiere tonight, PLEASE don't be late for it I told Big Time Rush's manger that you're decent... Well some of you." He said looking specifically at Louis. "Love you Daddy." Alison said for the last time before her father left. "I don't have a dress." Alison said gasping. "Uh oh... You know what this means...? SHOPPING!" Harry said grabbing the keys. "Alright but we need to be home by 7:45 if we don't want to be late for the premiere." I reminded. "Whatever. I call shotgun!" Niall said running past me. 

 **Alison's P.O.V**

My cuts really hurt. I don't know why I did it but when I did at the moment it felt okay. Zayn's so supportive. Like a big brother I never had. A bit like how Juliana and I were...  I guess I'll try to be more open to the boys. They seem like a nice bunch. We piled into Louis' van within a quick minute. I sat in between Harry and Liam who were playing with each other's dolls. "Ohhh I'm Liam and I have a sexy hair cut!" Harry said in a girly voice. "Well I'm Harry and I have a man crush on Simon!" Liam said making me laugh. And snort my annoying snort. The boys got quiet when they heard my snort. I sank into my seat blushing in embarrassment  "I thought it was adorable." Zayn said breaking the silence. "Oh look a bird!" Louis said pointing out the window. "Louis that's a building.." Niall said correcting him. 

We walked out into the mall and the first thing I see is a giant One Direction poster. I was going to run up to it but then I remembered that I'm with the actual boys. "Okay so I'll be in the food court." Niall said walking off. "Puppies!" Louis and Harry said at the time. "Good idea Harry let's get Louis a leash." Liam said following them into a pet shop. "Well I guess it's just us." Zayn said.

Hours passed and so did dresses. "How about this one?" Zayn said holding up a pink puffy dress. "Uhh... I'm not Cinderella." I said giggling. "You could be." He said. I found myself blushing. If Daddy knew I liked Zayn he'd lock my in my room like Rapunzel  "Look at this one!" I said gasping. I ran towards a light green short dress with small bird designs. "I'm going to try it on." I said walking into the dressing room. I zipped on the dress and before I looked in the mirror I went out for Zayn to see. He was stunned. "Wow! Gorgeous, you look beautiful Alison." He said still looking at me. "Really?" I said looking into the mirror. I looked at how the dress looked on me and twirled around. "Beautiful." I heard Zayn whisper to himself. I walked back into the dressing room and as I was changing I could hear Zayn on the phone. "She's beautiful sir. Yes... I understand..." I heard him say sighing. "I know but she's a small girl and needs someone by her side. Like me! Dave. I'm in love with your daughter." I heard him say. My heart popped out my chest. When I walked out the dressing room the boys were all out there waiting for me. "Can we go home now?!" Louis complained. "Sure Louis cause we're going to walk out the door casually without paying." I said sarcastically. "You read my mind." He said in shock. 

"ALISONNNNNNNNNNN YOU'VE BEEN IN THERE FOR AN HOUR!" Harry yelled at me from outside the bathroom. "Wait I'm putting on mascara!" I yelled back. "Well hurry I've got to go potty!" He said like a child. "Okay done." I said walking out with my dress on. "Whoa!" He said with his eyes widened. "You look... Breath taking." He said. "Thank you Harry. You look handsome too." I said blushing.

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