Breathless, Speechless, In love

Alison is 18 she doesn't have the best life... her mother drinks and smokes, her father only visits once a month, and she becomes friendless for a while... Until she meets Zayn


15. Fame or Home

Niall shook his head. "Just me. The boys are trying to keep Zayn healthy. He's actually smoking again." He sighed. "I need to see him." I say. Niall looks at me as if I'm joking. "I'm serious, take me to him. What I did was wrong." I told him. 


"Oh she's here." Liam spat disgusted. I look at Niall for an explanation. "Erm... He's not the happiest about your break up with Zayn." He finally spoke. 

Niall led me down the hall into a dark room. The smell of cigarettes hit me in the face. "Ugh, c'mon! Who gave Zayn a pack?" Niall shouted out. 

There he is. The boy I fell for in the corner smoking. Quietly I sit next to him trying to ignore his unpleasant sent. He turns to look at me. "Alison!?" He says. I look at his face, still flawless. He wraps his arms tightly around me.

"Was there something I did?" He asks. I look down at the ground. 

This is the part where do that lame, It's not you it's me thing. "No Zayn. Um, I felt that if you were leaving... Traveling the world you wouldn't need me to slow you down." I admit.

He deeply chuckles. "Every time I hear your name it slows me down Alison. I could convince Paul to let you travel with us that way we're always together." He says faintly 

I shake my head. Oops, forgot to tell them about school. "Ah... Well you see. I've got collage for about 4 more years. And um, yeah." I awkwardly say. 

He frowns. After a few minutes of catching up on thing Zayn finally brings up my mum. 

"Did you really attack her?" He finally spoke after a while 

I laugh, "I wouldn't hurt a fly, but yeah she kicked me out." I sadly remember that day. 

"Are you serious?! Who are you staying with??" He asks worried. 

I know he hated Ricki after us getting sent to Jail. "Erm... Ricki." I quickly say.

 He nods putting a cigarette in his mouth exhaling smoke. "I'm actually saving money to buy that house in Doncaster." I say.

"Didn't the house go to you?" He asks. I shake my head. "To the bank." I respond. "Can't you stay with us. Just for the day and hang out like we used to?" He asks. 

I think about it... No plans for the rest of the day. I bite my lip, Should I stay. Finally, I nod. He jumps up in glee. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!" He shouts as he dances. He carries me on his shoulder running into the living room. Louis and Harry see me and immediately squeeze me in a hug. 


Harry pulls me aside from everyone else. "Alison, you're really hurting Zayn by doing this." He says. I look at the ground ashamed. "He's happy to have you here even for an hour. Please say." He concludes. I look up at his eyes. "We all need you here." He pleaded. 

I sigh. "I'll think about it." I say. I really want to stay. I've been moving so much in the past year.


It's between fame or home.

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