Breathless, Speechless, In love

Alison is 18 she doesn't have the best life... her mother drinks and smokes, her father only visits once a month, and she becomes friendless for a while... Until she meets Zayn


10. Clubbers

**Alison's P.O.V**

I woke up to see Snow nudging my face. I giggled petting her. I turned looking at Zayn sleeping shirtless. I stayed lying next to him counting the tattoo's on his chest. He started to move, I quickly looked away. "Like what you see?" Zayn joked. I blushed with a giggle. He sat up kissing my lips down to my jaw line. I let out a moan causing him to smirk. "Found your weak spot." He noted. "You guys know we're right here?" Louis reminded. Now both Zayn and I blushed in embarassment. "Well I'm going to cook some breakfast." I announced before Harry could. Egg's on the stove, toast in the toaster and pancakes. "OUT OF MY KITCHEN!" Harry yelled from behide me. Startled I flipped a pancake right on his head. "...That's some arm you got there." He joked. "God Hazz, I'm really sorry." I apoligized. "Good girl." He fake coughed. I rolled my eyes trying to make it seem like I didn't care, but I do. I do feel like I'm being too soft, kind, too nice. My tattoo.. And piercing were fake. "Um, How do you guys like your egg's?" I asked as they came into the dinning room. "Scwambled!" Niall answered in a child's voice. I smiled preparing the food. As they ate I went off to the bathroom for a shower.



Harry said something that made her feel uncomfortable, I could tell from that fake smile of hers. Was he hitting on her again? It couldn't be I trust him... Or at least I should. "Hey, who wants to go to the club tonight?. We all mummbled I agreement. Alison came out the bathroom with damp hair she must have taken a shower. "Hey babe you wanna come to the club with us?" I asked. She shrugged. "As long as we can keep it PG rated." She responded looking directly at Harry. He gave her a cheeky grin. Did that pervert say something to her? My fist clenched and my jaw tensed. "Babe you okay?" Alison asked sitting on my lap. I waited for the boys to leave until I answered. "Did he say something to you? Make you feel uncomfortable?" I questioned. She shook her head. "It's just that... He called me a good girl, is that who I should be?" She asked me. I chuckled, "Al, be who you are not who people influence you to be." I told her. She smiled giving me a short but sweet kiss. As Alison left the room I grabbed her phone from the table. "Zayn's kisses are just amaZAYN they drive me inZAYN!" I tweeted. "Zayn have you seen my phone?" Alison asked walking back into the room. "Oh, its right here babe." I said hiding a smile. She looked at her phone and checked her Twitter of course. "Be afraid Malik." She said without looking up. I ran out to Liam's room and hid behind him. "Did you mess with Louis?" He asked. I shook my head and shushed him. "ZAYN!?" She called out. "Check her twitter." I told Liam. He chuckled and typed on his phone. Alison came into the room with her hand on her hip. "Thanks Liam." I murmered. Alison giggled and grabbed my hand dragging me into our room. "You've been a very naughty boy." She scolded. I pretended to be ashamed. Somehow she got my phone ad started typing. "Alison is the sweetest, sexiest, prettiest girl in my life!" She said out loud posting it on Twitter. "Ouch, that hurt Alison!" I faked. She looked puzzled. "MY ZAYNY!" Liam yelled busting the door open. He jumped over a table pinning Alison to the ground. "I've been pinned by Niall, Louis and now you Liam." She giggled. "Say your sorry!" I ordered. "Never!" She giggled again. "Mhm... I'll take it from here Liam." I told him.


**Niall's P.O.V**

Just as I'm eating dinner I hear yelling. I ran into Zayn's and Alison's room to see them westling over Zayn's phone. "Um... Should I be concerned?" I asked. Alison looked up and while she wasn't paying attention Zayn sat on her. "No, Zayn's being a baby and won't let me tweet from his phone." Alison answered. "Alright then, who's ready to go?" I asked. "Oh! Right lets get dressed." Zayn said. He walked out with me closing the door behind him. "You love her?" I asked him. "Well of course she's flawless Niall." He said. "From her head to her feet, Inside and out. Her personality is as beautiful as her." He told me. "You're so soft now." I chuckled. He blushed. "Yeah... Well I'll do anything for love." He said walking into his room. I thought about it, love really changes people. Maybe it's my time to find someone to love.

Everyone got dressed and we took a cab to the club just in case we got too drunk to drive back home. I decided to go with Alison and Zayn, they promised to find me someone. "See anyone you're might wanna take home?" Zayn asked. I skimmed the club looking for someone perfect. There, at the bar. A red headed girl sat alone. "Hey how about her." I suggested. I turned around and lost them. Guess I'm on my own. "Okay Nialler you're the man, you can do it." I said to myself. I walked over to the bar and sat next to her trying not to look too obvious. She was about to walk away until she spilled her drink on me. "Oh, I'm so sorry." She apoligized. "It's alright I'm called the garbage bin at home." I joked. She giggled. "I'm Niall." I introduced myself. "I'm Blaze." She said. We talked for hours about simple things like the weather. "Niall we gotta go, Harry got too drunk and passed out again." Liam said. "Will I see you again?" I asked Blaze. She handed me her phone number and waved me goodbye. "Damn Harry at least try to move." I said carrying him by his feet. He moaned. We caught up with Louis who was VERY drunk. "Look I'm an elephant!" He said crawling in the middle of the floor. "Now where are Alison and Zayn?" Liam asked.


**Alison's P.O.V**

At the first drink I could feel the burn. "Alison you don't have to do this if you don't want to." Zayn said. "Babe. I've drank before." I said with a giggle. I really have. When I was 15 Juliana and I got some of my mum's beer and got wild. I looked at Zayn's eye and laughed. "What?" He asked. "It's like your eyes changed colour. Earlier they were brown and now they're greenish." I giggled. He chuckled. "Is that a compliment?" I nodded my head like an idiot. He took a sip of his drink. "You wanna get away from here?" He whispered in my ear. I pulled him by his tie to a dark corridor. With a grin on his face he pushed me agains the wall. He grabbed my waist kissing me from my lips to my weak spot. I let a moan out. His hands travled down to my thighs. "Zayn." I gasped pulling his hair. He carried me into his car where we made love for the rest of the night.

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