Breathless, Speechless, In love

Alison is 18 she doesn't have the best life... her mother drinks and smokes, her father only visits once a month, and she becomes friendless for a while... Until she meets Zayn


9. Back together

**Louis' P.O.V**

"Okay men we need to get Zayn's woman, my carrot princess back." I announced. The boys gave each other strange looks. "Just get in the car we're following Zayn." I said. They followed me out to the car.


"Pssst! Lewie! She'es over there!" Niall pointed out. "Good job Irish man. We'll get her when she's alone." I got a better look at her and saw her tattoo and her peircings! She's changed so much! Liam and Harry gasped at sight of her. "That's it!" Niall yelled. He ran over to Alison throwing her over his back. "Niall put me down!" She hollered. All Niall did was carried her to the car placing her in the back with Harry and Liam. The whole car ride was silent. "Guys how many times do I have to tell you, I'm spliting you all apart!" Alison sai for the millionth time. "Al, We're good I was being stupid.." Harry amitted. She looked at him and saw sorrow on his face. "Well what about Ricki and the other?" She asked. "Leave the past behind!!" I yelled for no reason. She sighed and rested her head on the car door. "Wake me up when we get home." She said an dozed off into a sleep.


**Zayn's P.O.V**

I need her. She's my everything, being without her isn't right. And now seeing her with tattoo's and percings makes me sick. I opened the doors to the house to see Alison chasing Louis around. "Lewis Tomlinson! Give me my phone!"I'" She yelled at him. "Once more game of Angry Birds." He continued running. I rubbed my eyes thinking this was a dream. "Look who's here." Liam said. Suddenly there was a loud thump. We ran behind the couch and saw Louis sitting on top of Alison playing Angry Birds. "Louis! You cannot go around stealing peoples phones!" I scolded. Ashamed, he got off Alison and whispered something in her ear making her blush. The boys left the room. "What made you come back?" I asked. "3 Littles angles.. And a Louis." She answered giggling. "Zayn look.. I'm really sorry. I left without you knowing I understand how worried you were and it really tore my heart being without you, I just needed time to think about what was going on and all. I.. I was scared." She said. "Scared of what what the world's reaction woul be if we stated dating." She finished. Just before she could say anymore I kissed her. Her warm soft lips crashed onto mine making my world spin around. "I'm here for you Alison, every step of the way." I told her.


**Alison's P.O.V**

"I'm super bored." I complained sitting on the sofa upside down. "Who's in the mood for going to a museam?" Liam asked. It got quiet. "How about we go to the park and act drunk!!" Louis suggested. Still quiet. I got up and went into my music/ art room that I also turned into a bedroom and ploped onto my bed. Boy was I tired after today.

"WHAT!? The money went to his daughter!?" A framiliar voice said. "Well.. When I killed the father I thought the money would go to me.. US.. I'm mean us." Mum's voice said. Chills went down my spine. "You hear that?" The male's voice asked. "Someone's here." He noted loading a gun. "I think it's Steve's daughter I hear." Mum said aloud. "Dave.. His name was Dave you retard!" The male's voice yelled. The veiw got better. There I saw with a gun in his had was Timothy Garcia my stepdad, And my his side.. Mum. POW! Right in my heart the gun shot me.

"NOOO!" I screamed sweating. "Shh.. It's okay Alison just another dream." Zayn said soothing me. "Another?" I asked. He nodded. "You've had about 3 nighmares tonight." He told me. I told him everything about Timothy and Mum. "No one's gonna kill you babe. You've got all of us here by your side." He said. "Yep all 5 of us." Harry added. I looked around and noticed all the boys had pillows and blankets and they were sitting on the floor. "What.. How long have you guys been her?" I asked. "Well since you had your first nightmare." Niall answered. I rested my head on Zayn's chest falling back asleep hoping for no more nightmares.

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