Breathless, Speechless, In love

Alison is 18 she doesn't have the best life... her mother drinks and smokes, her father only visits once a month, and she becomes friendless for a while... Until she meets Zayn


5. A new start.

**Alison's P.O.V**

I woke up in my bed room dressed in sweat pants and an over-sized shirt. I remember nothing from last night except for the party. I put my hair in a messy bun and went downstairs. The cold floor sent goosebumps to my body. I decided to explore the house a bit. I found a room that looked a bit framliar. I found paintings that I drew from a while back, my instuments covered in dust, And pictures of me and my friends. I smiled as I sat down in front of the piano. Daddy would play songs for me and teach me how to play. I dusted off the dust on the piano and started playing Say What You Need To Say by John Mayer. I found myslef singing also

"Take all of your wasted honor
Every little past frustration
Take all of your so-called problems,
Better put 'em in quotations

Say what you need to say

Walking like a one man army
Fighting with the shadows in your head
Living out the same old moment
Knowing you'd be better off instead,
If you could only . . ."

 I stopped and noticed Zayn watching me. "That was beautiful. I didn't know you could sing." He said in a morning voice. "I haven't sang since I was 12." I shrugged. "Your voice is wonderful." He complimented. I blushed. "Ya know, I've never even been in this room before." He told me as he looked at all the paintings. One caught his attention. It was the one I drew when I was 15. Cinderella in her beautiful gown, and her evil stepmother in the background drinking. The words Every princess has a happy ending was written across the top. "You play all these instruments?" He asked looking at all the instuments. I smile and nodded. "My father always told me I was wasting my time with all this, when I could be an artist, or a musician." He looked at the drums. "I've got a friend who plays the drums." He said picking up the drum sticks and playng to a random beat. "No, you're doing it wrong." I giggled. "You've got to keep in beat." I showed him the correct way. I looked up at him and he looked down at me. Just as we were about to kiss the door bell rang. "Lux is here!!" Harry called out.


**Harry's P.O.V**

 "Hatty!" Lux squealed as she ran into my arms. "Thank you so much for taking her Harry. I'll be back in about 3 hours." Lou said leaving out. I heard those drums again. Since when did we get drums? I carried Lux and followed the sound of the music. I found Zayn and Alison playing with a drum set. This really made me mad. I really like Alison, but I get the feeling Zayn does too... "Who's that little critter?" Alison asked looking at Lux with a big smile. "This is baby Lux." I answered. "She's too cute!!" She said making faces to her causing her to giggle. I looked around in the room and saw paintings, instuments and pictures. "Woah.. I didn't even know we had this room." I said in awe. I sat Lux on the ground next to Alison. Zayn and I were looking at the paintings. "Who drew these?" I asked. "Alison." He answered. I never knew Aliso had this much talent. I turned around and saw her and Lux painting. He hands covered in red paint. Lux splatted paint onto the white wall, Zayn and Alison looked at her for a second. "I'll go get a sponge." I announced. I went into the kitchen and found Niall, Liam and Louis already eating breakfast. "Where have you been?" Niall asked. "We found a room filled with instruments and paintings and Luz got paint on the wall so now I'm getting a sponge to clean it." I said in one breath. The boys looked at each other in confusion. I grabbed a sponge and ran back into the room to see Zayn and Alison kissing covered in paint. My blood boiled and my face turned red.


**Zayn's P.O.V**

"I'll go get a sponge." Harry said leaving the room. Now's my chance with Alison. She looked at Lux and then at the wall. She dipped her hand in the green paint and splatted her hand onto the wall leaving a perfect hand print. Lux caught on and did the same. I joined in. On accident I got paint in Alison's hair. She looked at the tip of her hair and saw the yellow paint on it. "Oh.. Malik prepare to be covered in paint." She warned with a smile as she dipped her hand in the pink splashing it all over me. "AHHH! PINK!" I screamed in a girly voice as I ran to the opposite side of the room. She chased after me with a bucket of orange paint. I was cornered. I covered my face as she dumped the whole bucket onto me. "You know, I really love you Alison. You deserve a hug!" I said chasing her in a circle. I caught her and held her in my arms. "It's so sticky!" She squealed with laughter. I looked down at her and into her eyes. Here we go... I grabbed her waist and kissed her. In shock her eyes widened until she began to calm down and put her arms around my neck. Her hands went through my hair full of paint. We pulled apart as she giggled. I looked at the door and saw Harry. His face was red of anger? Why would he be angry.. Unless. He like's Alison? He stormed out of the room. "What.. What's wrong with Harry?" Alison asked in confusion. "He might be upset about the walls.." I told her looking at the walls. Lux was sitting on the floor coverd in paint from head to toe. She was giggling and clapping her hands. "Erm.. We should probobly clean her.." Alison suggested with a smile. She carried lux into the kitchen. "What the hell..." Louis said. "We were painting. And it got out of hand." I explained. "Could you wash her off Zayn? I need to change." Alison asked. "Sure." I answered putting Lux on the counter top. "What's wrong with Harry?" I asked just as Alison left out? "Well.. You see. He fancies her." Liam said. "Well it's too late for that. She's mine now." I told him. "What do you mean 'She's mine'." Louis asked. "We're together." I answered. "Knock knock! I'm here!" Josh announced walking into the house. He looked at me all covered in paint. "Don't ask.. It's a long story." I said.

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