dont die young

Sara is a wood elf from mirkwood, middle earth. but not just any wood elf- she is the fifth heir to the throne! But just as she is settling into the idea that someday she was to become Queen, she is pulled out of her roots by none other than Kili, nephew of Thorin Oakensheild. the most attractive man she had ever seen. little problem- her family would never approve. follow Sara as she struggles through a painful love.


7. words of love

from that day on, I went to visit Kili every day, and sometimes even more. i always took with me food and drink, but was ashamed that i could not provide for them all the feast that they deserved. Kili and i talked hours sometimes.. it was like everything was perfect when i was with him. he spoke to me words of love, saying things like
"I wish to touch you, to kiss you.. to hold you as my own" "we could run away" "i will never forget you, Sara. i love you"
it made me feel so special. Alex found out about our affair, but we made him swear not to tell anyone. i could tell that he wasn't pleased with it though, and i hated making him lie to his own father- but i knew that it was what i had to do if i was to ever see Kili again. this was love. 

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