dont die young

Sara is a wood elf from mirkwood, middle earth. but not just any wood elf- she is the fifth heir to the throne! But just as she is settling into the idea that someday she was to become Queen, she is pulled out of her roots by none other than Kili, nephew of Thorin Oakensheild. the most attractive man she had ever seen. little problem- her family would never approve. follow Sara as she struggles through a painful love.


9. two years later

Sara thought about Kili every day. She knew that he was her true love, and that if she never saw him again, that she would forever be alone. so when she heard from Alex (who was now married with a lovely elven woman) that Kili would be visiting Mirkwood to take a rest from Durin, Sara couldn't help but wander if she would get the courage to talk to him. 

There was never a day when Kili didn't regret running off on his quest, without saying a word, or even leaving a letter for Sara. He knew in his heart that if Sara would not forgive him, and take him back in her life then he had no future. he would die of a broken heart for sure, for a life without love is no life at all. When he entered into Mirkwood, memories flooded back to him of his first meeting with Lady Sara. 

Sara heard of Kili's safe arrival and knew of where he was staying, but could not bring herself to visit him in person, so she wrote to him. dearest Kili, being an elf, you will probably despise me. reminding you that i am a Mirkwood elf will probably cause you to hate me even more. but then again, there is the chance that you remember me. that you remember our nights together talking about you and me.. when you were being held hostage in my kind's prison. I am Sara, 3rd heir to the throne of Mirkwood... do you remember me? i love you...


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