dont die young

Sara is a wood elf from mirkwood, middle earth. but not just any wood elf- she is the fifth heir to the throne! But just as she is settling into the idea that someday she was to become Queen, she is pulled out of her roots by none other than Kili, nephew of Thorin Oakensheild. the most attractive man she had ever seen. little problem- her family would never approve. follow Sara as she struggles through a painful love.


11. the prospect of leaving home

Kili's comment caused Sara to blush, quite strongly, which made him  chuckle.
"oh m'lord i have missed you. but... what if you have to leave for one of your quests? i can't bear to think of being with out you."
“Come with me then!” Kili said and stroked her face. “Come with me on my adventures; we would be together at all times! Nothing in the world would stop us!” the prospect of leaving Mirkwood scared Sara- she had never left the comfort of her woods in all her life!
"Oh Kili... i would love to, i really would! i'm just scared :'S i've never been out of Mirkwood before and i dont know if i could.. i want to, i truly do. i love you so much, m'lord." she then paused, her mind swaying towards Kili's uncle, Thorin, who seemed to have a pure hatred towards elvenkind.
“It’s alright m’love, i’ll be with you the whole time. The world outside of Mirkwood is magnificent, it really is a wonder to behold”. He put his arms around her and hugged her comforting. “As for Thorin, he would maybe not approve in the beginning, but he’ll come around i’m sure… I love you, and that is not something he can change my mind about” Sara put her arms around Kili, and gave him a kiss, then saying
"i love you too. no matter what. i think.. i think we can figure things out. i want to be with you always, and if that means leaving Mirkwood, i will do that without thinking twice."
Kili could not stop smiling as he kissed her back. “Of course we can, everything will be alright, we can create a new home for us somewhere, somewhere were no evil can reach us! And I’m sure that one day, there will be no hatred between elves and dwarves, which allows us to return to our homelands, but still in each others company!” 
"Sara, feeling ecstatic at the thought of sharing a house as a home with Kili, replied "as long as we are together, I dont care what happens anymore. nothing can separate us. you will have to teach me to use bow and arrow" ;) she said, with light laughter, but deep inside, she was seriously considering the idea.
“Of course i will teach you, it’ll be my pleasure m’love” he said as he placed a sweet kiss on her lips, simply not getting enough of her. But then his smile vanished. “What will your parents say, you being the 3rd heir and all?” 

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