dont die young

Sara is a wood elf from mirkwood, middle earth. but not just any wood elf- she is the fifth heir to the throne! But just as she is settling into the idea that someday she was to become Queen, she is pulled out of her roots by none other than Kili, nephew of Thorin Oakensheild. the most attractive man she had ever seen. little problem- her family would never approve. follow Sara as she struggles through a painful love.


10. meeting you again

Sara recieved a note from Kili, that same day. it said: meet me at your lake tomorrow morning. ~Kili

Kili sat at the edge of the lake, waiting for Sara's arrival. when she came, he saw that she was as beautiful as ever, if not more so.
"Kili" Sara whispered, afraid of what Kili had to say to her.. "please just tell me... do you despise me? I...I love you."
“S-sara? How could i forget about you dear?” Kili smiled. “Have I not missed you?” He mumbled. “I don’t care about that you are an elf, I care even less that you are from Mirkwood. You saved me back then, you were the only light I had in those dark prisons”. He swallowed as he found the bravery to close the distance between them. “I love you too” Then his lips crashed upon hers. 
"oh Kili!" they kissed passionately "Yallume! i was so afraid... afraid that you would despise me" tears started rolling down Sara's cheeks "i thought you would forget me and... and..." Sara could speak no more, and found herself crying, leaning on Kili's chest. Kili was astonished by this, wandering how it was that she could ever think he would be able to have any feelings towards her apart from love.
“Why would I despise you my love? I haven’t thought about anyone else than you since we left”. He started to kiss away her tears, holding her close. “It is okay, I’m here now love, I’m here now”. She kissed him back, then stepped away, taking in the reality of this beautiful scene in her life.
"I see you've grown you're beard longer, m'love" she said, with a tint of laughter in her voice. Sara knew that Kili took pride in his beard, and wished for it to be as long as his companions. he smiled.
“You think? Why, thank you! I think it finally has started to grow a bit faster I think. But you…” He stroked his finger over her cheeks as he smiled a warm smile. “… you have the same perfect skin as you always have had”. 

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