dont die young

Sara is a wood elf from mirkwood, middle earth. but not just any wood elf- she is the fifth heir to the throne! But just as she is settling into the idea that someday she was to become Queen, she is pulled out of her roots by none other than Kili, nephew of Thorin Oakensheild. the most attractive man she had ever seen. little problem- her family would never approve. follow Sara as she struggles through a painful love.


4. Interrupted/Meeting You

As I sat at my lake, lost in my thoughts, i heard a twig snap. not quietly, like an animal had snapped it, but loudly. a strange scent wafted around the air. I had never come across anything like it. I heard a murmur of voices, not so far from where i was. i was violently shaking, and would have screamed, but my voice seemed to have disappeared. there was only a thin curtain of green nature between me and the.. things. 
counting their heads, there seemed to be 14. one extremely small one, and one extra fat one. they were all quite small and plump. Holding my breath, i stood, being as quiet as i could be. i was about to run for the palencia, but curiosity held me standing. 

"I can smell filth. the kind that once betrayed us are nearby." i heard one of the 'men' whisper. a sense of authority crowned his speech.
"Uncle, we must be careful, but you cannot speak of them as filth. we are in their land. We must respect the land, if we do not respect the elfkind" I gasped. the man had quite clearly said that they do not respect my kind. I had to say something! I was just about to charge into the company, when one of the men-figures walked through the curtain of falling branches. 

I shook uncontrollably, and loosing balance I fell backwards into the Lake, which welcomed me silently into its arms. I jumped out of the lake, and sat on the tree-seat that Alex had carved for me. the dwarf walked slowly toward me. I recognized his face instantly from Alex' dwarf book.
"M'Lady, I apologize, i did not intend to frighten you." he whispered. "you should run off back to the safety of your home, Miss." he spoke mockingly. This angered me. nobody mocked me and got away from it.
"You may be Kili, dwarf heir of Erabour, but you have no right. no right, you hear me?" he nodded, suprised at my tone of voice "You have no right to treat me in that manner. I am Sara! Daughter of Sarri, son of Armitage! You dare mock me!" stunned, the dwarf backed away from me, and bowed to me. 
"M'lady I..I cannot apologize enough that i have offended you. I wish not to make enemies with you."
"Dear Sir, you should not treat any woman with such lack of respect" I said in a softer tone "I wished not to startle you, and make you fear me..I have never come across Dwarfs.. it may be in your custom for all that i know" I said blushing. his eyes spoke beauty, his lips smiled with pleasure, his hair was hansom. 
"On my very own beard, that is far from the case! I am the youngest of my kind, i do not come across ladies that so much as give me 6 seconds to listen to me.. i mock my brother and i guess i simply feel easy around you and so my respect lacked sorely."
"I do understand, M'Lord. I am the youngest of my kind, also. i am but a child of 20 years of age" I looked down, ashamed of my age in a place where the majority of folk were over 500 years older than me. 
"well, m'lady. I am on a quest to take back my home from the hold of the evil dragon Smaug. I wish that i could stay longer, but i must return to my company and press on. we cannot be too far, for i have indeed came across the most beautiful lady. the most unknown part of our prophesies say that: 'for nearest meets nearest, as youngest meet close. you both shall be trapped, for the life of the rose...' I hope we meet again, Lady Sara."
"I shall miss your presence, Lord Kili" he took my hand and placed a kiss on it, then walked away leaving me yet again alone in my thoughts. 

suddenly i heard a cry "RUN AFTER THEM! THE DAMNED DWARFS MUST BE CAPTURED!" Alex' fathers voice. fear ran though me as Kili's prophesies came back to me 'you both shall be trapped, for the life of the rose' 

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