dont die young

Sara is a wood elf from mirkwood, middle earth. but not just any wood elf- she is the fifth heir to the throne! But just as she is settling into the idea that someday she was to become Queen, she is pulled out of her roots by none other than Kili, nephew of Thorin Oakensheild. the most attractive man she had ever seen. little problem- her family would never approve. follow Sara as she struggles through a painful love.


6. in a second

A silence filled the air. Not a nice silence, but a piercing one, so loud that i could not think. then i remembered:the loaf of bread!
"My sirs, I understand that you are starving and well, I cannot bear to see you- or anyone for that matter- suffer in such a way, when i have a life full of privilege. I know that this is not much but-" I pulled out the bread and i heard as they inhaled the scent "but i want to give this to you. I will bring you more, on my next visit."
I handed Thorin the bread, and he distributed the bread between his company. after they had eaten, a familiar face came to the light. Kili. and he looked just as he had in my dream.. starving.
"Lady Sara" he whispered. several of the dwarfs seemed puzzled as to how he knew my name. "It is a pleasure to meet you, and to gaze upon your beautiful face once more." blushing, i noticed how all of the dwarfs retreated to the back rooms of the cell, as if to give us privacy. this was something i appreciated.
"Kili" I managed to say. tears threatened to expose me. "what...why...why are you here?" He looked deflated by this question, as he bowed his head, looking down at the floor. I stepped toward the bars that held Kili so close but so far from me. I longed to know his touch. he stepped forward also.
"I really am happy to see you here, m'lady." he reached his finger through the bars and stroked my cheek, which -naturally- made me blush
"I am happy to see you as well... but not here. never here."

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