Love and the things that it is.

Harvey Wust is a twelve year old boy with Autism.
With a surprisingly advanced view of the world, and no small amount of cynicism, he sets out to understand love, and discovers something that he never really expected.

For the John Green competition. It's primarily about suddenly realising that you are in love, but there's some dealing with pain in there too.


4. Love and Pop Culture.

After Mama was sad, I thought that love was going to be something that I would have to understand. I also thought that love would be very difficult to understand and I would have to work at it for a long time. This was true, but it was not completely true, because in many ways love is very easy to understand.

For example there are songs about love. Songs about love are very simple. There are three main kinds which are:

1) I am in love but the person I am in love with is not in love with me.
Examples of this include You by The Pretty Reckless, Strange and beautiful by Aqualung, Corner of your heart by Ingrid Michealson and That should be me by Justin Bieber.

2) I am in love.
Examples of this include This is just so beautiful by Jennie and Tyler, And then You by Greg Laswell and I don't have time to be in love by Priscilla Ahn.

3) I was in love and now it has gone wrong in a bad way.
Examples of this include Sometimes I still feel the bruise by The Mountain Goats, We are never ever ever getting back together by Taylor Swift, Picture to Burn by Taylor Swift, If this was a movie by Taylor Swift, Dear John by Taylor Swift, Cold as You by Taylor Swift, The way I loved you by Taylor Swift, Haunted by Taylor Swift and Forever and Always by Taylor Swift.

These songs always have the same kind of structure and you can write the words very easily. For type one you must include 

1) A statement about the person you love
2) A statement which indicates that they do not love you
3) A statement expressing how much you love them
4) A statement about how good they are/ how much you deserve them

For type two, you must include

1) A statement about the person you love
2) A statement which indicates that they do love you 
3) A statement about how much you love each other
4) A statement about how good this is

For type three, you must include

1) A statement about the person you loved
2) A statement indicating what went wrong
3) A statement expressing regret
4) A statement about how much you either do or do not miss them

These structures are built up with a lot of descriptive words and metaphors that do not make sense. This makes them very predictable and easy to write.


Movies and TV shows about love are similar. These break down extremely simply and there are only two kinds of movies and tv shows about love, and even these are mostly the same.

First, two characters are introduced. They will either already know each other at the start, or meet at the start. Then we will get to know them. Then we will get to know them together. Then they will express romantic interest. 

After this, one of two things may happen.

The first option is for a sad film. In a sad film the characters will agree to be together and will be happy. Then something will happen that will make them sad. There will be a statement or scene at the end which will make the viewer a bit more hopeful so that they will look back at the film and not think only about sad things. 

The second option is for a happy film or romantic comedy which is called a romcom for short.

In these films the couple will have some sort of mishaps involving either getting together or first being together that involve other people and usually some kind of public humiliation. At the end they will be together and the film will be summarised with what is known in America as a schmaltzy ending where things are happy and good.

This makes Romantic films and TV series into easy and predictable things too. But that is different from real life. Real life has less structure and is always more confident.

But then everything that I know about romantic relationships makes me think that they still have a very basic structure that can be made into a basic flowchart. I want to show you the flowchart but I can not so I will describe it instead.

First you START. This is being born. Next you MEET PERSON. Here there is a choice you can make with two options. These options are NO ROMANTIC INTEREST, which loops back around to MEET PERSON, and you repeat the choice until you meet a person that makes you choose the other option which is PURSUE ROMANTIC INTEREST. When you choose this, there is another choice. One option is INTEREST NOT RECIPROCATED. This loops back around to MEET PERSON. The other option is BEGIN RELATIONSHIP. This leads straight to PERSON BECOMES UPSET, which leads straight to another choice. The first option leads to BREAK UP. BREAK UP is itself a choice with two options. You can choose GIVE UP which terminates the flowchart. You can also choose CARRY ON which loops back to MEET PERSON. The other option in the PERSON BECOMES UPSET choice is to MAKE UP. When you MAKE UP this leads to the final option which is actually a question. This question is ARE YOU ALIVE? If you answer YES you can loop back to PERSON BECOMES UPSET. If you answer NO then the flowchart terminates. There is no happily ever after option because happily ever afters are not real.


But I think that even though this is how relationships work, it can not be everything about how they work. Otherwise people would not care so much. It is not that I do not understand the chemistry of love because as Sherlock Holmes says in the BBC Sherlock episode Scandal in Belgravia- " I imagine John Watson thinks love’s a mystery to me, but the chemistry is incredibly simple

I think that love must be more complicated than it looks from the outside because people will do anything for love. People will feel anything for love. There must be something missing. 

To find out what it is I can do one of two things-

1) I can ask people.

2) I can fall in love.

I think that I will ask people first and save falling in love for a last resort because falling in love is scary and makes people act funny.

I think I will ask my sisters first.

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