Love and the things that it is.

Harvey Wust is a twelve year old boy with Autism.
With a surprisingly advanced view of the world, and no small amount of cynicism, he sets out to understand love, and discovers something that he never really expected.

For the John Green competition. It's primarily about suddenly realising that you are in love, but there's some dealing with pain in there too.


1. Love and what I think of it.

My name is Harvey Wust.

I am twelve years old and three months and six days. I like Aliens and Maths and Marine Biology and I do not like football or cabbage or love.

I have an Autism Spectrum Disorder which is called ASD for short. A lot of people like my sister Pippa and my Mama, think that I do not like love because I have ASD.

They are wrong. 

I do not like love because of these reasons:

1. Love is irrational. 

2. Love hurts.

3. Love is with other people.

4. Love has falling in it.

5. Love has sex

6. Love is not ever easy.


The reason that these reasons make me not like love are many and they are all very sensible and rational and I do not think that it should make me strange. But lots of people who know that I do not like love think that it makes me very strange and like a robot or a psychopath.

But I am not a robot because robots are stupid and have to be told every single thing that they do because they do not have rational thinking or logic, and I am a very rational and logical person. I am not a psychopath because I do not have a lack of emotions and I do not do things only to benefit myself.

I do things to benefit other people because I am kind.

Being kind is the right way to be and it makes people like you. Mama says that being kind makes me a good person and being a good person will make people fall in love with you.

But I think that if I make people fall in love with me then I will not be a good person any more because I will not want to love those people back and that would make them sad.

Making people sad when you know that what you will do will make them sad is called "Being cruel on purpose" and it is a very wrong thing to do.

That is why I can not be a good person.

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