Addaline Carol is what people would call a loner; no friends just by herself all the time. The people who bully her are the so called 'populars' and her twin sister Emmy (who looks exactly like her) is apart of that group. Her sister doesn't say any thing she just laughs.

(I no shitty summery thingy..)


3. Home becomes a hell hole

Emmy brought ALL of her friends home. Not just one or two like normal, but ALL of the jocks and preppies. Just to make everything a living hell they all hate me with a burnibng passion and mom and dad aren't home. I managed to sneek passed them without being noticed....until I fell down the stairs. Like really? I just had to fall didn't I? Soon I was being bombarded with insaults. Just what every one wants to hear! Note the sarcasm. I managed to get away form then then ran to the barn. This time I was actually able to saddle up my horse and go ridding. My house has been turnned from a place where I feel safe, to a complete utter hell hole. Now the only place they haven't recked for me is the barn, witch they probably will go in there. Well at least I got Blitz; she's my pinto horse and she's a real beauty.

"Wow it's 8 already? Come Blitz we better head back."

Blitz turned around and ran back to the barn. I gave her some food then ran back to the house. Really Emmy? You just had to lock me out didn't you? I climbed up the drain pipe then crawled in the window. Thank god I left it open. Why does Emmy have her music so freaking loud? I walked out of my room and halfway down the stairs to see at least 50 people in the living room. Music was still blairing and people chunning down alchohol like it's water. The whole down stairs smells like alchohol, ciggeret some and something else that smells horrible! I ran back up to my room so I wouldn't have to be near any of them. Some one walked into my room holding a can of beer. How can people drink thay? It smells nasty.

"Get out of my room!" I yell at probaby one of my sisters friends.

He didn't move at all, so I pushed him out and locked my door. All these people are so, just sooo, I can't think of a word. Wait got it, they think that they're better than every one else because they are spoiled brats. This happens every weekend mom and dad aren't home, witch would be a lot. Emmy either has a huge party here or she goes to one. When she gets back or when I she her stumbling around the house, she doesn't seem like she's all there. Yeah I know that it would be from her being drunk, but it seems like more than her just being drunk. Like some thing else.

This music better quiet down soon! Some people actually like sleep! REALLY?! They just had to put on gangnam style! I hate that song with a burning passion. It's so annoying! You don't even know what the guy is even saying half the thime! That's why I like country better, you can actually understand what the person is saying.



HI PEOPLE! double0bubbles here, sorry if the chapter sucks I have a bit of writters block.

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