Addaline Carol is what people would call a loner; no friends just by herself all the time. The people who bully her are the so called 'populars' and her twin sister Emmy (who looks exactly like her) is apart of that group. Her sister doesn't say any thing she just laughs.

(I no shitty summery thingy..)


1. School? Fun? Yeah No.

Addaline's p.o.v

You know how there's always that one girl who has no friends in highschool? Well that's me. I dread every day school's on. No it's not because I don't have any friends, I'm prefectly fine with it. It's the bullyies I hate. There the so called 'populars' Apperently all of the 'popular guys are so hot, but to me, I think they look like a hourse stepped on their face. Worst part is my IDENTICAL twin sister is apart of that group. She doens't say any thing rude, she just laughs at whatever the preppies and jocks say.

"Watch where your going loser!"

I just had to run into one of the jocks didn't I? I have terrible luck!

"Leave me alone." I muttered, then continued to walk to my locker.

"He wasn't done talking to you!" Carla said while making me face her. She's one of the preppies.

"It's a bird! It's a plane! NO! It's that damn that I don't give!" I yelled in her face then continued back to my locker.

I don't care that there's still half of the day left I'm going home. Now to find my car... Aha there it is. Just as I was about to leave I was stopped by Emmy.

"What the hell, what are you doing?" She asked me not letting me past her.

"Go away Emmy! I'm going home, you go gossip or what ever the hell you do with your AMAZING friends" I yelled at her pushing her out of my way.

I finally hopped up into my truck, turned up the country music then speed home. Yeah I got a truck, problem? In my opinion country music is way better than pop music. Good mum and dad aren't home. If they were to see that I'd ditched I would be so dead.  I parked my truck 'round back just incase they came home early. I grabbed my iPod and headphones than ran over to the barn. As I'm walking to the barn, I noticed that there was a shadow. There was someone behind the barn! Panic started to raise inside of me. Who the hell could be here? Why the hell would they be here?



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