One click to love (A Niall Horan love story)

Jenna is an average girl, who lives in London and studies at the same university like Eleanor Calder. They're best friends.
Jenna likes singing and often puts videos on YouTube.
But what happens when Niall Horan, the boy on whom she has a major crush on, sees her videos and even more they get to know each other through Eleanor? ....


8. Chapter 8

,,So what shall we do?", Harry asked.
Everyone answered different things: Liam and Danielle and Louis and Eleanor wanted to go to the cinema like a double-date. Zayn, Harry, Niall and me we didn't have any ideas.
,,Let's go shopping?", I suggested.
,,Yea let's go.", they said.

We went to many shops and the boys bought huge amounts of clothes since they needed some clothes for their tour.
As they finished it was my turn and we went to shops for women.
I found a pair of tight trousers, a dark blue blouse, 2 white t-shirts and bought them.
We had loads of fun and laughed all the time. We saw many fans and I waited patiently until they took their photos and signed autographs.
Afterwards we decided to go to a shoe-shop and the boys forced me to put on some sky heels.
,,Can you please put them on? I want to see if you can reach my height with them!", Harry said.
,,Not likely! I'll fall down with them.", I said.
,,No, please just once!", he begged.
Niall and Zayn agreed and laughed.
I didn't want to be a fun killer so I put them on and they were like 8 inches (20 cm).
The boys laughed and were astonished how I could walk in them.
,,Wow, does it hurt?", Niall asked.
,,Yes. A bit.", I said.

I took off the shoes and we searched clothes again.
I saw a beautiful purple cocktail dress with a black belt and I loved it.
,,Guys. I will try this on, will you wait?", I asked.
,,Sure.", they answered.

I put on the dress and came out of the fitting room.
,,How's that?", I asked them.
They all gave me thumbs up and I bought the dress.
We made our way out and I heard the boys giggling.
,,What's wrong?", I asked.
,,Niall thinks you have hot legs!", Zayn laughed.
I blushed.
To my surprise Niall didn't contradict Zayn.

We went outside and entered a cafe. We ordered some ice cream and milkshakes.
Since Perrie couldn't come, Zayn texted her all the time.
,,I'm going to call Perrie, be right back.", he said and left.
A few minutes later Harry said:
,,I have to go to the toilet.", and he also went away. Thank god I was alone with Niall now.

,,So, did you get over what happened at the party?", he asked and winked.
,,Sure. Actually, I'm not that kind of girl. I was drunk and it was a bad day, you know?", I asked.
,,Oh okay. Then how are you actually?", he asked curiously.
,,Well... different. I'm a bit clumsy and funny. But I also can be serious and helpful, I love helping people. I love food and clothes and yea..", I said.
,,That sounds good!", he said excited.
I was happy, finally Niall knew how I really was.
,,You said you're helpful?", he asked.
,,Yep, why?", I asked.
,,Well, I sometimes need help from people who are helpful, you know?
Like people who are talking with me about my problems and so on..", he said.
,,Really? Oh I can help you with that. My mom always told me that I have a
psychological side.", I laughed.
,,Great. Can you give me your number?", he asked.
,,Sure.", I answered and gave him my number.
Just at that moment Zayn came back, and he noticed the change of mood.
,,Is everything okay?", he asked carefully.
,,Yea!", Niall and me answered at the same moment.
Harry also arrived and we made our way to the others, because Eleanor texted me that the movie was over.

After they came out we decided to head back home.
We said our goodbyes and the couples kissed each other while Niall gave me a smile which made my heart melt.

As I arrived home, I threw my bags on my bed and had a big smile on my face. It was a great day.
I was soooo happy.
I took my laptop and booted it.
I went to twitter and saw many people were mentioning me.
,,You little slut! You're so ugly! What do you want from MY niall?!?!", or ,,You two are such a cute couple, I'll ship you! Jiall forever <3" .
And then I saw the pictures. Me and him. In the cafe. Laughing. Having fun. Drinking. Without Harry. And without Zayn.

And my lesson for today: Don't count your chicken before they are hatched!

But wait. I got so many hate messages... But what about Niall? He had to get over billions of messages like that, poor him!
I wanted to call him, but I didn't have his number, he just had mine.

A few minutes later, I got a message from an unknown number:
,,i think now I need help" it said.
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