One click to love (A Niall Horan love story)

Jenna is an average girl, who lives in London and studies at the same university like Eleanor Calder. They're best friends.
Jenna likes singing and often puts videos on YouTube.
But what happens when Niall Horan, the boy on whom she has a major crush on, sees her videos and even more they get to know each other through Eleanor? ....


6. Chapter 6

Somehow I fell asleep.
The next day was a Sunday and I had a headache because of my hangover.
I took some pills and tried to remember what happened last night.
I remembered my conversation with Niall, my awkward behavior and Eleanor's words.
Oh no, Eleanor was angry with me.
I didn't know what to do, because she was right with what she told me. I destroyed her birthday and disgraced myself.
I couldn't talk with Eleanor because I had nothing to tell her.
I felt so sorry. She had to be so disappointed and not only her, also Louis.
I took my phone and saw many new messages.
Also from unknown numbers.
One of them said:
,,Hey it's Danielle. Don't worry about what happened, if you need help call me! ;-)
HP: Eleanor is out of sorts with you...".
Oh tell me about it!
Since I really was in a bad mood and needed some consolation, I called Danielle.
,,Hello?", she asked tiredly.
,,Hi there, it's Jenna....", I stuttered.
,,Oh hi Jenna! Seems like you got my message?", she asked cordially.
,,Yes and I'm very thankful! You're like the only person who's still talking with me...", I said sadly.
,,Don't worry about it, love. So what are you up to? We can go eat something together and then talk about it?", she offered.
,,Would be great! How about Nandos at 4 p.m?", I asked her.
,,Sounds good!", she said.

I got finished and put on a pair of worn jeans and a dark blue hoodie since I choose my clothes the way I feel, and I was really in a bad mood.
I put on some makeup and made my way to Nandos.

After arriving there, I sat down on a table and waited for Danielle.
She came 5 minutes too late.
She hugged me.
,,Hi! Sorry that I'm too late, I couldn't find my handbag", she excused.
,,No problem, thanks for coming!", I answered.

Both of us ordered Peri Peri Chicken, and we started talking.
,,So, I don't really remember much, can you please tell me what happened last night?", I asked.
Danielle said: ,,Sure, so I remember we all had loads of fun, as suddenly you and Niall were missing. Eleanor told me not to search after you, because maybe both of you wanted to have a conversation alone.. And then you came back and kind of looked pissed and Niall also didn't look happy and -"
,,Wait what? Niall didn't look happy? why?", I interrupted her.
,,I don't know why..", she answered.
,,Okay sorry for interrupting, go on please.", I said.
The food came and we started eating and she went on: ,,So then I saw how you started to get drunk, I told you to stop but you didn't. And yea things got out of hand and you were really drunk ... like really really drunk.
Then you came to the dance floor and made funny moves. Eleanor and Louis tried to stop you but you didn't.
And then somehow they pushed you away from the dance floor and they were relieved, and a minute later you fell into the buffet and everyone laughed, except Eleanor...", she told me.
,,Oh my god! this is so embarrassing!", I said.
,,You, can't help it! You were drunk.
And you know Eleanor, she's always overreacting and she now needs time to calm down!", she said.

We kept talking and eating until she had to go.

,,I have some dancing rehearsals later, I really have to go now sorry!", Danielle said.
,,That's no problem, Danielle! I really appreciate that you took your time to talk with me! Thanks for that!", I answered.
,,Sure .. Oh and I heard you like Niall? Don't give up on him, I think he likes you, too!", she winked and left before I could say a word.

Niall likes me???!!!

As I went back home, I had some stuff to do and then called my mom and told her that I'm fine, I didn't tell her something about the party.
Then I tried to sleep but couldn't stop thinking about what Danielle told me.

The next morning was a Monday, what meant university.
I put on my clothes and called Eleanor, maybe she was ready to hear my excuse now.
She didn't take my call. So I went to her apartment and knocked on her door, but she didn't open.
Well, maybe she still needed time.

So I went to the university alone, my first lesson was in the big room.
As I walked in all eyes were focused on me.
Some people had a mischievous smile on their face, some of them laughed about me and some of them just had pitiful looks on their faces.
I was confused, and saw Eleanor who didn't even look at me.
Did she...? No, she wouldn't dare.
But it was obvious.
Eleanor told everyone about my misfortune at the party and because of that they all were laughing at me.
Eleanor, my ex-best friend made a fool of me.
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