One click to love (A Niall Horan love story)

Jenna is an average girl, who lives in London and studies at the same university like Eleanor Calder. They're best friends.
Jenna likes singing and often puts videos on YouTube.
But what happens when Niall Horan, the boy on whom she has a major crush on, sees her videos and even more they get to know each other through Eleanor? ....


4. Chapter 4

1 day left until Eleanor's birthday party and I still didn't have a dress.
I went outside and as Eleanor asked me where I was going I told her that I would visit my parents and won't be back until the evening.
So I took much money with me to buy a very beautiful outfit.
First I went to H&M but there weren't beautiful dresses, so I went to a store where they sold prom dresses.
It was like heaven for me, I've never seen so many beautiful dresses. Now I knew why Eleanor is addicted to shopping. But the dresses were more expensive than I thought they were.
,,May I help you?", a nice woman behind me asked.
,,Well it would be nice. I need a beautiful dress for a birthday party.", I answered.
,,Okay. Do you want anything in particular?", she asked back.
,,No, not really.", I said.
,,So, do you want a short dress a mid-half length or a long one?", she questioned.
I thought of Niall and answered: ,,A short one please.".
The woman smiled at me and I blushed. ,,Okay let's see what we have."
She made some measurements to know my exact size and then started to pick some dresses.
A few minutes later she came back with 6 dresses.
I tried them on and wow the woman does have a nice taste.
They all were fitting perfect and my curves looked perfectly in them.
As I tried on another dress, I looked at the shop-mark and couldn't breathe anymore. 349 $ for one short dress!?!?
I took a deep breath.
I had to buy one of those dresses because it would have been really awkward since the woman invested so much time in finding a beautiful dress.
,,Is everything okay, Miss? Is it maybe too tight?", she asked worried.
,,No, everything is okay!", I answered.
I got out off the fitting room and she asked me which dress I wanted to have.
I decided to buy the cheapest one although the price 259 $ isn't really cheap.
Nevertheless it was a cute dress.
It was red with thin spaghetti straps, with beautiful black ornaments and it was really short.
I paid and gave the cashier a tip since she helped me to find a dress.
Then I had to find matching shoes.
I went to a small shop which happened to have a huge amount of shoes.
The man asked me if I needed help, so I showed him my dress and asked him if he has an idea which shoes I should wear with the dress.
He suggested black pumps and showed me some.
After a few fittings I choosed a pair of black pumps with rivets.
Afterwards I went to a beauty shop and bought some makeup and nail polish.
As I finished all my shopping, I ran back home so that Eleanor didn't see me.
I put my clothes into my wardrobe and called Louis.
,,Hey Jen, what's up?", he greeted.
,,Hey, Lou. Nothing what about you?", I asked.
,,We have some studio work to do right now.", he answered.
,,Oh, then I'll call you later okay?", I suggested.
,,No, it's no problem. The boys can wait. So what do you want to tell me?", he asked.
,,Well okay. I just want to make sure everything is planned for tomorrow?", I asked him.
,,Yea, the hall is rented, people are coming, the DJ is coming, food is there, the cake also and yea that's it", he told me.
,,Great work, so when does it start?", I asked.
,,Okay the plan is you have to ensure that Eleanor is wearing a beautiful party outfit and if she asks you where you're going, tell her you're going to visit a random party since it's her birthday. I'll text you the address later and you have to be there at 7p.m. , alright?", he questioned.
,,Yes, sir.", I laughed.
,,Great! Okay, Jen. I have to go now thanks again for supporting my idea and helping me, love. See you there.", he said.
,,Of course, Lou. It's going to be great, bye!", I answered.

After the call I texted Eleanor:
,,Tomorrow is your birthdaaaaaaay big girl!! how ya feeling!!!! getting old!! haha xx".
She texted back:
,,Yaaaaayyyy looking forward!! we'll have so much fuuuuunnn!".

We will, Eleanor. If you only knew, how much fun we'll have....

The next day I woke up at 8.30 a.m. and immediately texted Eleanor:
,,Girrrrrrrllyyyyyy!!! happy happy birthday!! love yaaaa so much!".
I also tweeted:
"it's my best friends @EleanorJCalder birthday!!! I love you so much, El! xxxx".
She called me and we talked a bit about how excited she is.
,,But I'm really sad that Louis can't make it today.", she said sadly.
,,Yea but you have to understand, they have so much gigs and stuff he barely has free-time, you know?", I asked.
,,Of course, but tonight will be a lady's night!!! We'll paint the town red!!", she said excited.

Later this day, I took a shower and shaved my legs thoroughly.
I blow dried my hair and curled it a bit. Then I put on my outfit.
Afterwards I put my makeup on with: smokey eyes, a red lipstick.
I brushed my teeth again and then I made my way to Eleanor's flat.
I knocked on her door, she opened it and then stares at me.
,,WOW, Jen is this you?!? You look incredible!", she said loudly.
,,Thank you so much, El! You also look stunning!", I said.
Eleanor wore a very short dress (shorter than mine). It was dark blue with silver and black prints on it and she also wore black pumps and a black leather jacket.
,,Okay, let's go then!", I suggested.
We went downstairs and the cab which I reserved was waiting outside.
,,Oh you called a cab? that's cool!", Eleanor said.
,,Sure. It's a special day, isn't it?", I asked happily.
I greeted the taxi driver and gave him the address.
We arrived there after 20 minutes and I paid the taxi driver 50 $.
,,Keep the change.", I told him smiling.
He smiled back: ,,Thanks miss!".

We walked into the hall and I laughed about Eleanor's confused face all the time.
,,Where are we going, Jen?", she asked.
,,You'll see soon!", I answered.

We went into the room which was decorated very beautiful, as suddenly a huge amount of people screamed:
I laughed and joined them.
Eleanor's face was full of emotions: disbelief, happiness. And she had tears in her eyes as she saw Louis, she ran into him and they hugged tightly and then he kissed her passionately.
Everyone had a big smile on their faces.
The party officially begun and the music started playing.
I got many compliments for my outfit, and Eleanor thanked me for the party several times.

Then I saw Aaron who came over to me.
He hugged me as greeted:
,,Heyaa you look incredibly good!"
,,Thanks a lot, Aaron!", I blushed.
We talked a bit about me and Louis organizing the party and stuff like that.
Suddenly I heard a voice from behind:
,,Hello.", the person said.
I turned around and saw Niall, Niall Horan! He was standing there and he wore a black pair of jeans, vans and a blue t-shirt.
,,I'm Niall.", he added.
,,Hey... I'm Jenna..", I answered insecure.
,,Yea, I know.", he laughed: ,, I retweeted your cover. It's a really good one! And you're really beautiful.", he said.
Okay Niall Horan just called me beautiful. My life is complete now, I thought.
,,Oh thank you! I owe you a lot, thanks to you I have a lot more supporters now! So thank you, Niall!", I said.
,,Sure, you don't owe me anything, but maybe just let's go outside because it's really loud here?", he asked.
,,Yes you're right.", I answered.
I looked if Aaron was still there, but he left.
So I was making my way outside. With the boy who thinks I'm beautiful and a good singer. With Niall. Niall Horan.
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