One click to love (A Niall Horan love story)

Jenna is an average girl, who lives in London and studies at the same university like Eleanor Calder. They're best friends.
Jenna likes singing and often puts videos on YouTube.
But what happens when Niall Horan, the boy on whom she has a major crush on, sees her videos and even more they get to know each other through Eleanor? ....


3. Chapter 3

The next day, I decided to stay at home since it was a Saturday and I had to learn for my exams.
I woke up at 7 a.m. and started learning, I still was in my pajamas.
Suddenly there was a knock on my door, it was a boy who studies with me, his name is Aaron.
,,Hey there, sorry for bothering you. Do you maybe have some milk? I wanted to bake a cake.", he said.
I giggled: ,,Yea, sure.".
I brought him some milk from my fridge.
,,Thanks! Well, what are your plans for today?", he asked.
,,I just want to stay at home and learn a bit for my exams, I don't understand this division of work we discussed in the last lesson.", I said.
,,Oh really? I can help you with that. I had a presentation about that a few weeks ago.", he explained.
,,Well... Why not!? Can you maybe come over in an hour? I just have to tidy up a bit and stuff like this, you know?", I questioned.
,,Sure, see you.", he answered and left.

I decided to call Eleanor so she won't disturb us while learning.
,,Hey, Jen. What's up? let's go shopping today.", she said.
,,No Eleanor, I'm doing some exams preparation today with Aaron.", I answered.
,,With Aaron? The hot guy who lives on your floor? So you made it after all!", she laughed.
I blushed: ,,Are you kidding? He definitely isn't hot and I don't come up to him!", I answered laughing.
,,Oh sweetie, who said that you come up to him... I didn't.", she said cheekily.
I blushed: ,,Whatever. We're going to study and please don't disturb us, okay?", I asked.
,,Sure, whatever you're going to do, I won't disturb you.", she giggled.

After finishing the call, I brushed my hair and put my long brown hair in a ponytail. Then I put on a light makeup, since it makes a feature of my green-brown eyes.
And I changed into some black shorts, a tank-top and my blue American apparel cardigan.
Then I tidied up the room and put some crisps and some gummy bears on a plate in the living room.

I admit, Aaron is a really hot guy. With his raven black hair and his sea blue eyes, he looks like Ian Somerhalder in young.
Many girls are chasing after him.
Eleanor once told me she thinks that Aaron is interested in me, because he always looked at me in a different way and always smiles at me in the lessons, but I disagreed. At the university there were so many beautiful girls with skinny long legs, wonderful long hair and I'm just an average girl. I'm 5'4 (163 cm), with long brown wavy hair, green-brown eyes, a slender nose and full lips and well shaped eyebrows. Okay maybe I'm not so ugly, I thought I am. Sure some boys think I am beautiful but everyone has some discontentedness with oneself.

Anyways, one hour passed and Aaron knocked on my door. I opened it and let him in.
,,Hey Jen.", he greeted.
He wore a pair of jeans and a black tight t-shirt, which made it impossible to not look at his abs.
,,Hey, err I have some snacks here just help yourself.", I stuttered really distracted by his abs.
,,Sure, thanks.", he answered smiling.
,,So .. do you want to start?", I asked insecure.
,,Of course.", he said.

We learned and learned and 2 hours passed. He tried to explain me some things and didn't stop until I understood it.
After studying, I brought some cups and a bottle coke from the kitchen.
,,Thanks for helping me, Aaron. I think I couldn't pass my exams if you didn't help me!", I thanked him.
,,Sure, no problem. That's what friends are for. Let's watch a movie, I mean in reward?", he said.
,,Well okay. You're right we deserve it.", I answered.
He went to his flat to bring a movie, because my movies were at Eleanor's flat.
I called Eleanor so she could join us.
Aaron arrived and I told him that Eleanor is also coming.
,,Oh okay... that's cool..", he answered with sadness in his eyes.
I think he wanted to be alone with me, but I didn't want that so I called Eleanor.
Eleanor came and we watched the movie. As soon as it ended, Aaron immediately stood up and said goodbye.
,,Bye.", he said without looking to us.
,,Wait, Aaron.", I cat-called at him.
Eleanor knew that I wanted to have a minute with him alone so she excused herself and said she has to go to the toilet. Aaron and I we were alone.
,,Aaron, you're coming to Eleanor's birthday party, aren't you?", I asked.
,,Yea.", he said.
,,Great! thanks for everything!", I answered and gave him a little kiss on his cheek.
He immediately got a smile on his face.
,,No problem, Jen. It's always a pleasure!", he answered and gave me a big smile and went away.

Eleanor came back and said Louis is going to catch her because she wanted to go shopping with him since I didn't want to.
,,But you have to tell me everything that happened after it!", she said.
,,Nothing happened, but if you want.", I answered.
She went away and I was alone in my room.
I turned on my laptop and looked through some news about Niall.
There were rumors like always. But this time they had evidence because there were many pictures.

As a Niall's girl surely I didn't want to believe this rumors.
There are different types of Niall's girls.
1: "If Niall is happy, then I'm also happy so I don't care if he's in a relationship."
2: "I want to be Niall's princess."
3: "I can never ship a Niall relationship because he should belong to me and only to me!"

Unfortunately, I belong to the second and third type, so I wasn't really happy about the rumors.
I closed my laptop and decided to go shopping the next day to buy a dress for Eleanor's party.
I really wanted to look good, Niall was going to be there and I thought that I maybe get the chance to talk with him at the party.

so that's the third chapter of my first ff. :)
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