One click to love (A Niall Horan love story)

Jenna is an average girl, who lives in London and studies at the same university like Eleanor Calder. They're best friends.
Jenna likes singing and often puts videos on YouTube.
But what happens when Niall Horan, the boy on whom she has a major crush on, sees her videos and even more they get to know each other through Eleanor? ....


11. Chapter 11

It was Monday, I took a shower and made my way to Eleanor.
,,Morning, Jen. Let's go?", she greeted.
We made our way to university and went to our rooms.
2 hours later we had lunch break and me and Eleanor, we went to Mc Donald's .
,,Saturday is shopping day, oh I'm looking forward!", she said happily.
,,Yea.. I wanted to tell you that I can't go shopping with you...", I stuttered.
,,Wait, why?", she asked sadly.
,,I .... I have a .... date", I said carefully.
,,YOU HAVE WHAT?!", she screamed.
Everyone looked at us and I tried to calm her down:,, Don't scream, Eleanor or I won't tell you anything!"
,,Oh okay sorry so who's your date?", she asked still very loudly.
,,Niall.", I mumbled.
,,Oh you dirty bitch!", she said laughing.
,,Eleanor, but I'm not sure whether I'm going or not...", I said.
,,Are you kidding!? of course you're going!", she yelled at me.

Since our break was over we headed back to the university.
I ignored Aaron and so did he, and the date-day with Niall came closer and closer.
I decided to go to the date, and afterwards Niall hopefully would tweet his fans that it was a friendly date.
Eleanor had the idea to go shopping with me, but since I really had no money left she said she'd borrow me some of her clothes she didn't wear yet.
I picked a pair of brown trousers, a beige-colored top, and some brown wedges.

The week passed, and I still didn't talk with Aaron, as he called me on Saturday.
,,Jen?", he asked.
,,What?", I said.
,,Are you going?", he questioned.
,,It's none of your business, Aaron. First you ignore me the whole week, and now you're just calling to make sure I'm not going, or what?", I accused him.
,,No, Jen, I told you why. And by the way you could have talked to me, why do I always have to be the one talking or apologizing?", he asked.
,,Okay you're right, Aaron. Maybe I should. But it doesn't change anything and I'm going with Niall.
Don't worry if something happens I'll go to Eleanor and not to you!", I said.
He hung up.

Niall texted me to be at the cinema at 5 p.m., he said he didn't pick a film yet. I got ready and put my make up on and went to Eleanor's so she could check me.
,,And, do I look great or do I look great?", I asked smiling.
,,You look fabulous!", she said laughing.
,,Oh, that's also good!", I answered.
We joked a bit and she offered me to drive me to the cinema.
So we made our way to her car and we drove to the cinema.
,,Okay, good luck Jen. If you don't know something or if there's an awkward silence you go to the toilet and call me, understand?", she asked as we arrived.
,,Sure. Thanks, El. Bye.", I said and left.
My heart was literally exploding, it was a feeling I just had when I had to write an important exam or something.
I headed towards the cinema and looked at my watch, it was 10 to 5, so I had to wait a bit.
5 minutes later, I saw him coming with some glasses on, and a blue shirt, black trousers and vans.
As he saw me he smiled and came to me and took of his glasses.
,,Sorry I have to wear them so paps can't recognize me, you know?", he asked.
,,Yea sure no problem.", I said smiling.
,,Did you choose a movie, yet?", he asked.
He didn't say anything about my outfit yet, does he think I'm ugly?, I thought.
,,Errr, no not really. You?", I asked.
,,What about pitch perfect?", he suggested.
Yea that's good, it's no horror movie and no love story.
,,Yea, that's great!", I said.
He bought 2 tickets for both of us and we also bought popcorn.
The movie started at 5.30, so we had 20 minutes left and we sat on a couch and talked about random stuff.
,,So what are you studying?", he asked me.
,,I'm studying social sciences, English language and literature.", I said.
,,Wow sounds good. Do you have brothers or sisters?", he asked.
,,Yea I have a brother, named Matt. How about you?", I asked.
,,An older brother, Greg.", he answered.
We talked about our families and about our private lives.
5 minutes before the movie started we went to the hall.
Our seats were in the last row in the middle so we had a perfect view.
The movie was very funny and we laughed a lot, fortunately nearly all the seats were taken so there was no awkward silence between us.
After the movie finished we went out.
,,Great movie, isn't it?", he asked.
,,Yea, one of my faves now!", I answered smiling.
,,So let's go eating now?", he suggested.

We went outside and didn't really know where to go.
We saw a snack stand and decided to eat fish & chips. Once again Niall paid.
,,You don't have to pay, Niall! I also have money", I said laughing.
,,Sure but I invited you!", he answered .
Since it was very full there we sat on a bench and talked and laughed a lot.
,,What are your plans with the band? I mean, is there a tour coming or something?", I asked.
,,Actually, in the near future we only have local performances like signings and gigs but only here in the U.K., and in 4 months our world tour will start.", he told.
,,Wow aren't you excited? how long is your world tour going to be?", I questioned.
,,Yes I'm very excited, 8 months.", he answered.
,,Oh my gosh! So long?!?!", I said.

We kept talking and joking about funny things that happened with their fans and that a girl even was hiding in a trash can to see them.
Time passed and it was 9 p.m.
Niall called a cab and while we were waiting first paps arrived and took pictures of the two of us.
As the cab arrived we went in and I told the driver my address.
,,I'm really sorry because of the paps, I should have known.", he apologized.
,,No problem, Niall! It was really cool!", I answered .

After 25 minutes of driving we arrived at my flat.
,,Do you want to come in?", I offered.
,,Well, sure if I don't bother you.", he said.
Oh no Nialler you don't bother me at all....
,,No, that's no problem.", I answered.

We went in and my flat was a mess because earlier I couldn't decide what to wear. I tidied up my room and went into the kitchen to get us something to drink.
Niall turned on the tv and watched the news.

Suddenly someone knocked on my door, I went to open it and I was shocked. Aaron pushed me aside and made his way to Niall.
,,What are you doing here?", Aaron yelled at him.
,,Chill, mate! Who the hell are you?", Niall asked.
Aaron looked at me: ,,I'm her boyfriend and now get your ass out of here!!", he screamed.

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