One click to love (A Niall Horan love story)

Jenna is an average girl, who lives in London and studies at the same university like Eleanor Calder. They're best friends.
Jenna likes singing and often puts videos on YouTube.
But what happens when Niall Horan, the boy on whom she has a major crush on, sees her videos and even more they get to know each other through Eleanor? ....


1. Chapter 1

,,But not only this generation is effected by this, also the generations after ours will be damaged by that....", the professor explained. I took some notes of his speech because it was relevant for my exams in 2 months. Nevertheless I didn't really understand much. Ten minutes were left of this boring lesson and then I was going to go to Starbucks with Eleanor, my best friend.
I study social sciences and English language and literature.
,,Are there any questions left?", the professor's voice interrupted my thoughts.
That was the signal that the lesson is over because no one ever has questions. Everyone started to leave the room.
Eleanor stood outside the room.
,,Are you ready, Jen?", she asked happily.
,,Sure thing. Just let me grab some things from my flat, I'll be right back!", I answered.
,,Wait, I'm coming with you.", she offered excited.
We went to the elevators in the students' hall and pushed the button 8. Just as the elevator door opened, the song Skinny love by Birdy started. It was Eleanor's phone ringing.
,,Hey Louis!", she said cheerfully as she answered her phone.
I smiled to her. Eleanor and Louis are such a cute couple. I started to ship them since the first day of their relationship. It's amazing how much a boy can love a girl, like he does.
I went inside my flat and grabbed my wallet and my handbag and saw there was a missed call on my answering machine. I pushed the button and my mom's voice came out: ,,Hey, sweetie. How are you? I wanted to know if you are going to visit us within the next few weeks? I mean before all your exams start and you don't have time anymore? We miss you so much! Call me back? Have a nice day, love you!".
I smiled and thought that I'll call her after I come back from Starbucks. I closed the door and went outside where Eleanor was still phoning.
,,Okay, Lou. Me and Jenna, we want to go to Starbucks now. Call you later, yeah?", she said.
Then she put her phone back in her handbag.
,,How's Lou?", I asked.
,,Well, he's fine. Just a bit stressed, they had a book signing and two meet and greets today.", she answered.
,,Oh, poor him! By the way I love your ringtone!", I told her.
,,Really? It's Skinny love. Great, isn't it? Why don't you do a cover of it?", she suggested.
,,Well, I don't know... Maybe I will, let me think about it.", I answered.
We went to Starbucks and both of us ordered hot chocolate and a muffin.
We talked about her relationship with Louis and all the hate she gets, which makes me so angry. Eleanor is such a lovely and caring girlfriend and all she gets is hate, that's not fair!
,,Yea, but that's life. You can't always get what you want. And the pain is healed when I'm with Lou, you know? Besides Perrie and Danielle are in the same situation.", Eleanor explained.
,,Well, if you can handle it, it's fine. By the way are these rumors right that Niall has something with this girl called Amy? ", I asked curiously.
,,I don't think so... Louis said no, so obviously not... Why do you want to know that?", she asked warily.
,,Errrr.... I just wanted to know...", I tried to lie.
,,Why don't you let me tell Lou and let me arrange a date for both of you? I know the two of you will be so good together!", she told me excited.
,,No, never!!!", I yelled.
,,Okay okay!", she laughed.
After two hours it was 7 p.m. and we decided to head back home.
,,So, thanks for talking to me... It really did help me. And don't forget about the cover!", Eleanor said.
,,Sure no problem. I won't, bye!", we hugged and she went to her apartment which was on the 7th floor and I went to mine.
I put on some sweatpants and my Hollister hoodie and laid down on my bed. I called my mom to tell her that I'm going to visit her and dad as soon as possible. After that I took my laptop and opened twitter. I looked through my timeline and retweeted some things about Niall since I have a major crush on him and then got back to my own page.
I tweeted: ,,heyaaa! what's up?? What do you think of the idea, me doing a cover of Birdy's amazing Skinny love? Tell me! xx "
20 minutes later I received some messages telling me to do a cover and to do it as soon as possible. I decided to do it right then because otherwise I would forget it.
So I put some makeup on and printed the lyrics of the song. I memorized it and then searched an instrumental version of this song on YouTube.
First I just sang the song to myself without filming and then I turned on the webcam.
"Hey guys! It's Jen again. I want to make a cover today because after that I have a lot of work to do and won't be able to do more covers for a longer time. So it's one of my absolute favorite songs, Skinny love by Birdy. Hope you like it, and please don't forget to subscribe. Love y'all!"

Come on skinny love, just last the year
Pour a little salt, we were never here
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my
Staring at the sink of blood and crushed veneer
I tell my love to wreck it all
Cut out all the ropes and let me fall
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my
Right at the moment this order's tall
And I told you to be patient
And I told you to be fine
And I told you to be balanced
And I told you to be kind
And in the morning, I'll be with you
But it will be a different kind
'Cause I'll be holding all the tickets
And you'll be owning all the fines
Come on skinny love, what happened here?
Suckle on the hope in light brassiere
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my
Sullen load is full, so slow on the split
And I told you to be patient
And I told you to be fine
And I told you to be balanced
And I told you to be kind
And now all your love is wasted
Then who the hell was I?
'Cause now I'm breaking at the britches
And at the end of all your lines
Who will love you?
Who will fight?
Who will fall far behind?
Come on skinny love
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my
My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my

As I finished the song I put on a last smile and turned off the webcam.

I decided to go to bed since I was really tired and I had to wake up early the next day.
The next day I woke up with a good feeling, I don't know why.
I took a quick shower, put on my clothes and then looked at my phone. I had 12 missed calls by Eleanor, 18 messages, and many twitter notifications.
I opened twitter and went to Niall's profile to look what he tweeted.
And because of what I saw I nearly swooned.....
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