Hurt Lovers

After Nicola leaves the hospital she tries to begin a new life and forget the bad memories from her past. When she finds an interesting job as a stylist for a british boy band on the internet she moves from Miami to London and her life changes completely...


4. New job

After one week it was my last day in the hospital. Dian looked a lot after me and I did almost everything with her. With her I could laugh and also talk about serious things. I found out that she was just 2 years older and her parents gave her away when she was 3. She lived in a children's home in London and when she was 18 she left and moved to Miami. She started to be like a real friend to me and now had to go...The door opened. It was Dian. 'Hi sweety!'She shouted smiling and came over to hug me. 'Hey Dian' 'So it's your last day here huh?!' 'Yeah...Never thought I'd say this but I kinda don't want to leave the hospital...' 'Oh guurrrl you have to and you will. Believe me you don't want to be here anymore!' 'But you're my onliest friend here! I have no one...' Okey maybe this wasn't that true I had a lot of friends not all were my best but I did something with them. Now I just felt like the whole world left me and nobody cares about me! 'Hey honey I'll always be there for you' I smiled at her because she was so cute. 'Oh and Nicola I have a suprise for you!' As she saw that I looked at her confused she laughed. ' Hey it's a good suprise! Well you told me you always loved to do someone's other make-up' That was right I told her. I always did my mothers make-up and also her hair and when friends and i went to partys they always wanted me to do their make-up. I also showed Dian some photos on the internet which Annika loaded up there because she always thought I was an amazing stylist. ' Well and I know your styling skills are incredible.Mhm what I actually wanted to say is when I lived in London until I turned 18 there was a woman her name is Lou I think she's 29 now. She always donated money to the children's home I lived in and one time she came to visit the kids. I met her the first time when I was 12 and she was so nice to me and after that she came more often and especially played with me. She was like...mhm maybe not a mum because she's just ten years older but like an older sister for me. She went shopping with me and I could tell her everything. We both were really sad when I left but I said I have to try some other things and she understood. So now yesterday I called her on the phone we're speaking on the phone almost every day and she told me she needs a new assistant-' 'Assistant for what?' I cut her off. 'She is a stylist for a popular british boy band and because she also has got a two years old daughter it isn't always easy. The boy band travel around the world and so on. You know that what stars doing and she always have to be with them. It's sometimes a little bit too much for her so she needs a talented assistant. So I told her about you' I just sat there a little bit confused but happy. 'What really? I mean I'm not that good and I-' 'Oh just shut up Nicola you're amazing and you should know this. If you want to do this your flight to London is tomorrow. Lou will pick you up from the airport. I-' 'What?! are you serious now?' I still couldn't believe this. 'Yes Nicola I am serious. I already showed her a few pictures and she was amazed but she wants to see how you do it "live".' 'So she wants to see my work "live" and I'm flying to London tomorrow?!' 'Yes!' 'But what if she doesn't like my work?' 'Oh trust me she will! And you have to fly! I...I force you to do this!' 'Woah okey cool down I'll fly' I laughed. She smiled and hugged me. 'But Nicola you have to promise me something' 'Erhm okey what is it? Diddy?' 'Diddy? This doesn't sound like Dian but okey' She laughed. 'Now what is it what I have to promise you?' I asked her again. 'You have to call me every day!' 'Aww of course I will!' 'Okey than we're going to pack now' Dian brought me a few clothes and other things from home because I wasn't in the mood to go home the last week but now I thought I have to. I stood up from my bed and went to the stair were my clothes layed. 'I'm going to the bathroom and I'm going to shower so it could take some time' I told Dian. She nodded. 'But hey have you got a plastic bag?' She asked me. Oh yeah I always have to shower with a plastic bag around my forearm because of my bandage. I took the plastic bag I always used from the other chair, my clothes and my little bag with shampoo and cosmetic things. I went to the bathroom on the opposite of my room and locked the door. I put the bag and clothes on the cupboard and took my shampoo out. I undressed myself put the plastic bag around my bandage and fixed it with a rubber band around my arm. Then I took my shampoo and went showering. 

After half an hour I stepped out of the shower. I always needed so much time under the shower because it is so warm and you won't go out in the end...I dried my hair a little with the towel, got dressed and did my make-up:  After that I went back to my room with all my things. Dian had my bag in her hands and took the clothes from my chair. 'Dian you don't have to do this' 'Oh it's okey' I put my cosmetic bag and so on in my bag as I heard a loud laugh. I turned around and saw Dian with one of my slips in her hand. 'Hah nice slip' She still laughed because this slip was pink with brown teddies. I snapped my slip out of her hand.'Hey sorry but this slipper is one of the coolest ever' I said arrogant and snapped my hand in a 'Z Form' in front of her head what made her laugh even more and I just laughed with her. After we both calmed down we put my last things in the bag and went out. On the floor we met Dr. Dylan. 'Good bye Mrs. Johann. Watch out for yourself' He said smiling and shook my hand. Wow first time I saw a real smile on his face.'Bye Mr. Dylan' I gave back. 'Hey Dian I saw a real smile on his face! What's up with him?' I whispered to Dian as we walked to the front door of the hospital. 'Maybe he had a good day!'She suggested. 'Yeah or maybe he's just happy that I'm leaving' I proposed and we both began to laugh. 'So I have break for an hour now. I'm driving you home' Without I could say a word she went to her car. I just walked after her and got on the passenger seat. The drive was very silent so Dian turned on the radio and we both began to sing to 'Beauty and a Beat' from Justin Bieber which just was on replay. We both laughed at each other because no one of us could sing. As she stopped the car I stepped out and grabbed my bag and went to the other side of the car where Dian stood. 'You need help or something I mean...' She tried to say. 'No it's okey. Thank's Dian! Thank's for everything. You really helped me to get over it and you're just a great person and a good friend' I said to her. She came over to me and hugged me tight. As she pulled back I saw her eyes were teared up. 'Na don't cry ! If someone should cry than it's me!' I hugged her once again before she gave me her number and twitter account. 'Okey I gave you the tickets! Right?'She asked again. 'Yes they're in this' I gave back and pointed at my bag. 'Oh and please give Lou a big hug from me!' 'I will' She smiled and hugged me once again. 'Don't you dare to do something stupid!' She said as she got into the car. 'Yes mum I'll miss you too' She laughed. 'I'll miss you too! Don't miss your flight!' With this she closed the car door and I walked to my house. I opened the door with the key. As I was in I closed the door behind me and looked around me. I walked to the wall with the pictures and stopped at the pictures with me and my parents. A tear rolled over my cheek. I wiped it away with the back of my hand and said to myself. 'Stay strong Nicola! You're going to begin an other life now' I walked upstairs into my room and took out my big suitcase. I opened my wardrobe and began to pack my things. 'You'll have a completely new life' I thought to myself and smiled

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