Hurt Lovers

After Nicola leaves the hospital she tries to begin a new life and forget the bad memories from her past. When she finds an interesting job as a stylist for a british boy band on the internet she moves from Miami to London and her life changes completely...


3. Dian

After I thought about the things what happened I began to cry again. I sat there in my bed my head in my hands and thinking 'Why am I still alive? I wanted to die and now I'm in the hospital. Yes I could imagine that I'm in a hospitel. But how? And who? Who brought me here?-' My thoughts were interrupted by an open door. I quickly looked up to see who came into my room. It was nurse. She was small and had short brown hair which just coverd her shoulders. She hadn't got much make-up in her face but she was really pretty and it seemed like she was very young. She half smiled to me and came over. 'Hey Nico- Mrs. Johann I'm so sorry for this what happened' She said and stroke my back softly. The way how she spoke to me I don't know makes me a little bit relaxed. 'Does your wrist still hurt?' I looked down at my wrist. A white bandage was around it and as I lifted up my arm it hurt a little bid. So I nodded. 'It'll be better soon...but I hope you know that you had so much luck! You almost died and maybe if you were found two hours later maybe you'd have died! You have to stay here about one week because the wounds could get ignite so we'll always look after you and if you need something just put this button here on the wall' She explained and pointed on the button next to my bed. 'Oh and in twenty minutes Dr.Aylen will come to check you' She got up of my bed stroke my back a last time smiled at me and walked to the door. 'Who brought me here?' I asked before she opened the door.'Who found me?' 'It was a girl at the age like you. I think her name was something like Anne, Anna...Annika!' I was shocked for a moment. Annika? Annika my best friend who wanted to move back to Germany in this night when my parents died!? 'She called us and we went to your house and brought you here.After this she wasn't here anymore. We asked her if she needs someone who drives here because she said she was a friend of yours but she said she needs to go and we didn't say anything more' I nodded thoughtful. 'Thank's Mrs.-' 'Call me Dian' She said smiling.I half smiled back as she left my room.20 minutes the doctor entered the room. 'Good morning Mrs. Johann!' He said walked over to my bed and shook my hand. He wasn't like Dian. He was so different. He smiled at me but you could see it was just that fake smile he maybe did to every patient. Okey I understood he had to look after so many people every day and maybe this isn't easy because not every patient is easy to medicate with but it looked so wrong. I'd rather had Dian here to look after me make tests. 'So how do you feel?' He asked me. 'Mhm I feel...o-okey' I stuttered. 'Okey so now we're going to do some medical tests...'


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