Everyday & Now


1. Everyday & Now

She thinks about it everyday,

Should she end it right now?

Should she keep figthing for her life?

But she can never decide.


She cuts everyday,

The pain is less that way.

It's easier to breathe,

Easier to survive.


She cries everyday,

With her blood,

Tears stream down,

It washes her mind.


She sits there everyday,

Alone and sad.

She loves her lonileness,

Cause that's the only thing left.


She starves everyday,

To be skinny.

She is so fat,

She has to lose weight.


She fakes smile everyday,

To keep the questions away.

But who would ask?

Who would care?


She breathes everyday,

But it's getting harder,

And harder.

She has too much pain to bare.


She is on top of the building now,

Lots of people there are,

They are here,

To watch her die.




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