That One Thing

Mabel and her dad always have fights but this time was different . Finally having enough . She sneaks out thought her window never wanting to return . School Exams , Teasing , Name Calling , Fights drove her out into the cold rain . She arrives at a train station and catches the very next train. She then realizes she'll have to sit beside some loser. Only he isn't a loser. He's One Directions Very own Niall Horan.


1. A New Start

"Dad!" I Screamed down the stairs. But the only answer i got was the sound of a slamming door.

It was my eighteenth birthday and my dad hadn't even remembered . If only mum was still around we would be gathered around the dining room table laughing and having a blast with my grandmother and grandfather . With my uncle and aunt and my cousin's and my little brother Mark . Cutting a slice of double chocolate fudge cake like it used to be . I don't understand . Why does he do this? What have I done? Why did mum leave with Mark in her hand? As he trips over his own feet. Barely able to walk being the age he is of only five years old. And why did she leave me here with dad? Why would she? She was amazing . She was so pretty , so beautiful and kind . 

It didn't make sense . It didn't add up. I have enough to deal with at school without knowing that everyday i would be walking in thought these door to find this . A dad who can't even remember his own daughter's birthday. Who didn't get her a gift not even a small one like a notebook for school. Not even a birthday cake to enjoy or to be surprised by family and friend hiding until i turn the lights on to jump out and yell "Happy Birthday Mabel!" 


I stormed upstairs nearly in tears but i just pushed them aside and got out my textbook instead. Chapter 43 Graphs and Working out. Mr James was very strict and never even thought about letting us talk.

Not that I had anyone to talk to of course.

I stared in pure horror. "Twenty Pages!?" I gasped "Due for tomorrow?!!" I almost fainted . Mr James has set us to do twenty pages all full of questions that would take all night to do. The worst part? The twenty pages were double sided.

I realized I could do nothing about it and i should shut up and just get on with it. I turned 180 degree's to face my small high five that i got myself for my fifteenth birthday. I dashed over to my bed and grabbed the bag with my only birthday present in it . That i also bought myself.

"Yes!" I cheered  

I slipped in the One Direction CD and pressed play and reading the back i chose the number to set it to.

"I wanna stay up all night!" It boomed

I smiled . " Two can play at your silly little games daddy" I said to myself. I slammed the door as hard as i could and turned the lock. Jumped on my bed and got started on my never ending homework.

I forced my face forward . A textbook stuck to my face. I could see daylight and i knew it was morning. I took a look at my wall clock and right away jumped out of my skin. 

I had fourteen minutes to get ready and be in class . Worst part? I have Mr.James first thing.

I quickly changed . Knowing there was no time to get a shower or get breakfast or anything else. I spirited the whole ten minutes to school and ran into his class while he was half way thought name roll. I heard whispering and knew it was about me and if that was enough all their eyes where set on me as if i had just killed three people. "Mabel Johnston" Mr James called without looking up from his desk.

"Here" I answered . I took my seat and quickly settled down and had my books out and ready.

"Ok class , Please hand up your papers on chapter 33" He said in his normal grumpy tone.

Suddenly my heart stopped . "C-c-chapter ....33?!?" I Shrieked

"Yes Miss Johnston , Just like I Instructed on the board yesterday" He told me in a soft tone . It was almost like he was mocking me.  

Everyone's head's where now turned round and everyone's eye's where now looking right at me . I slowly pulled out my homework from my bag unaware it was soaking in one corner . With my drool. I couldn't believe it . I might talk in my sleep but I've never been known to drool! . I was horrified.  

Everyone started laughing. Some people calling things out .

"Captain Weird does it again!"

"What the heck What a freak!"

"Oh my God! L-O-S-E-R!"

He studied it like a piece of art and finally took out a red pen from his back pocket. He began to write and then stopped . Without saying a word . He walked off like a murderer at a crime scene. Resting my awful piece of rubbish at the side of my desk. I took one look and banged my head on my desk.

'Please come and see me after class about this Mabel'   It said.

It seemed longer then ever and the heat was boiling me from the inside out. Mr James never took his eyes off me and I just prayed the bell would ring soon. It did.

I dashed out the door and then- "Mabel..." Mr James stopped me in my tracks. Rats.

"I expect better than this from the likes of you." He started off

"But I will not stand for this in my class Miss Johnston and I would like the Chapter '33'" He said slowly

"Completed by tomorrow and on my desk first time , Understood?"

"Understood" I repeated

"Good , Now hop along to break with the rest of your friends" He chuckled

The word 'friends' hit me like a bullet in the head

"Yes Sir" I tried to laugh with him

I walked nervously outside the oak door . Knowing what was my fate.

"Hey Onion Breath" Melissa spat

She was waiting for me right outside the door hiding herself by standing on the other side. When i walked out. She flicked round to face me and out came hurtful words like always from her wide open mouth. She had me by the throat and pushed my face straight into her's

The second I heard Mr James say " with the rest of your 'friends' " I knew someone was waiting for me wanting to have a go at me . Mr James was a good teacher but he was the most clueless man you would ever meet.

I Wasn't wasting my time with the likes of Melissa who was snogging a different boy every night while I've hadn't even had one Boyfriend!

I threw myself away and jogged off.

"Oi!" I heard Melissa say "I'm talking to you!" She yelled

I was already at the top of the stairs , Stuffing my face with ready salted crisps , A few biscuits , An apple and i was about to open my can of coke.

Not what i would call a healthy break or should i say Breakfast?

I sat in the sports hall on my own like every normal day.

I heard a bell and i knew it was time to grab my schoolbag , swing it over my shoulder and quickly make it to R.E. I love R.E . It's one of my favorite subjects besides Music.

"Good Morning Class" Miss Craig beamed

She was always in a good mood . Even on Monday morning and if i was even having a bad morning , quite like today. She always was able to put a smile on my face. But for some reason. Not today.

Time flew by and before I knew it . It was lunch . Personally My favorite time of the day. I was waiting in the line when Melissa came walking down pass us like the princess she thinks she is.

I'd had enough . I don't know what it was but something inside was building up to this moment. All those times of getting picked on , laughed at , slamming doors and endless night . All my rage built up to this very moment. She could rip me up , make me cry in front of everyone , make me hate my body and my looks but walking right in front of me and taking the last chicken sandwich was the last straw.

I know it sounds stupid and silly but it was like the chicken sandwich was all those chances and friends i could of had but Melissa had stolen all of them and made me a train wreck inside. So just think of it that way? Alright? 

"Hey! Dip Shit!" I coughed

She turned right round and everyone in the line had gone silent.

"What was that!" She spat again thought her teeth

"Go On" She encouraged

"Say that to my face" 



"Shit!" I Hissed 

She didn't wait to hear it a second time . In seconds she had me by the hair and was pulling and ripping my hair. 

"Get Off Me!" I Howled In Pain

And then she punched me. Right on the face. My nose was numb and i couldn't see from one eye. She then started to kick me and my ribs felt like they were getting snapped like twigs.

It happened so fast . In a flash . Melissa was pulled away from me and I was left on the ground . I heard someone scream "She Bleeding ! Someone get the Nurse!" But No-one did. I felt faint and closed my eyes

I woke up in my room . My dad no-where to be seen. I slowly got up but quickly flew back down again. I found a note in my jacket saying I passed out and was taken to the hospital for a scan . Nothing was broken but i did have a bad nose bleed and sore ribs.

I realized I wasn't going to stand for this anymore . Not Now . Not Ever Again.

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