transfer student

what happens when an american starts at hogwarts? chaos? love?


3. surprises


The shock hit me hard. I was an only child. As far as I knew. Right then my aunt happened to turn and see me staring at the photo, the recognition of what I was staring at suddenly showed in her eyes. What happened next was beyond what I could handle. She swooped upon me and ripped the photo from my petrified hands. She gasped as if it was confirming what she feared and booked it to hide behind Roger. My aunt is fear less so I knew this was serious because she was terrified. Roger took one look at the picture and said “this complicates things…”

“Who is he?!?” I screeched as I looked between the two of them. I was suddenly angered that I didn’t know who he was.

“We are so sorry,” Katie was trying to say she hadn’t meant to keep this secret from me.

“No we aren’t Katie,” roger said slowly while staring me down. “it was not our place to tell. It was your mom’s” he sighed as he said it

“But she’s dead now.” I nearly whispered as I said it

“I know so now you shall be told. His name is Samuel or Sam for short. He attends school at Hogwarts and is in his seventh year,” he’s three years older than me. “He is your half brother and after his dad found out your mom was pregnant he pulled custody and won.”

“There wasn't much of a fight” murmured Katie

“Shhh.” He quieted her, and then turning his attention to me he said “he doesn't know about you and in fact he hasn't seen your mom since he was two, right before you were born.”

“Well won’t he know about me from now on?” I chimed in

“Not unless his dad wants him to.”

“Well can I talk to his dad?”

I knew my uncle would say no and this was when I was taken off guard.

“Yes.” He said as he pulled out his phone and began dialing the phone number on the back of the photograph. As he handed me the phone I began constructing what I would say.

“We will be outside.” Katie said with a sense of calm in her voice, she flipped her long hair as she walked out of the room with my uncle in tow. I put the phone to my ear and listened to the sound of nothingness. After about five seconds someone on the other end picked up. It was a deep gravelly voice that said “hullo, the Thompson’s residence what can I do fir ya?”

“Ummmm,” I began “my name is Ryan Wood and I just found out I have a brother and I was wondering if he wanted to come to my mom’s funeral.” I just blurted out I said it so fast that I wasn’t even sure the person on the other side could understand what I said.

“Oh good lord,” the other person said. “Ya say your surname is Wood?”


“My go-“they began to say but were cut off by someone on the same line.

“Oi! Marcus! Don’t say anything’ like that!” it was a female who then promptly kicked “Marcus” off the phone and took over.

“So your mom died and you didn’t know you had a brother whose name is Samuel and you wanted to know if he wanted to come to the funeral?” she sounded nice but I was still confused so I simply said “yes”

“Well you called the right number!” she shouted “my name is Angela I’m his step mom that there before me was Marcus and he’s his dad.  Sam is at school but I think it would be good for him to meet you and say good bye.” She kind of scared me “when and where?”

“Umm let me get my aunt Katie she knows better than I do.” I said and began to walk to the door. When I found Katie I handed off the phone and went back to packing. I packed my mom’s room and kept only a hoodie and her last journal out and we put the rest in storage. When I was done in there I went to my unusually tidy room and began to put stuff away keeping only what was necessary. By the time I was done Katie and roger had done everything but my bathroom. They now were using magic to scrub the walls of the house and drinking a mountain dew each. I walked to the kitchen and grabbed myself a drink.

I then went into my bathroom and surveyed the scene. A full trash can sat next to my toilet that had all sorts of hair products in a big canvas box on the top. The mirror still had a sticky note on it that said “swish and flick” on it in my scrawled hand writing. I stared into the mirror looking at all the features of my face that were like my mom. I have her nose and hair. I also have her thin, curved eyebrows and large eye shape. I had inherited her steely grey eye color and full lips too. But I looked like my dad too. I have his facial shape and skin tone I'm also tall like he was I have his tender smile and his freckles. I miss him. Yet he still lived in me.


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