transfer student

what happens when an american starts at hogwarts? chaos? love?


4. my new older brother


The trip up north to my mother’s funeral was as boring as they get. All that kept me going was the prospect of meeting my brother and being where my dad was. The truck had four boxes full of my stuff from the house and my suit case from school. As we drove further from my old life I was regretting opening that door more and more. By the time we reached the salt lake valley it was dark out and I was about to die. I wanted to eat a few hours previously but roger wouldn’t stop for five minutes to grab food. We passed exit after exit with fast food restraints on either side and after maybe 20 minutes of being in the valley I managed to talk him in to stopping for dinner.

We ate at a small restaurant called JB’s it was my mom’s favorite place to eat. As soon as roger ordered for us we all seemed a little tired. The food took forever to get to the table and was gone way too fast. We left for our hotel on the east side too soon after eating.  I knew because a little piece of my heart stayed. It seemed like Katie finally trusted me in a room alone because I got my own room. It was simple and painted in the primary colors. A thick lumpy bed was placed next to a chair and both of which were facing the TV. There was a small bathroom adjoining the room to the hallway to the door. And the bathroom is where I started to realize that I could be anyone I wanted to be now. I’m going to be me, not the girl with ugly hair and always accompanied by a body guard. Not the girl who is clever and sinister, no I was going to be me. And how little did I know that I was always going to be different.

 After I woke up, I was starting to get ready to leave the hotel room to go swimming in the pool down the hall when someone knocked on my door and I honestly wanted to tell them I was too busy to talk. But that was while I thought it was room service. I ripped the door open and started to yell.

“I’m busy and if you don’t mind-” I cut my self off and stared because there stood the kid from the picture the one that looked just like my mother and honestly I don’t think it was too hard to tell because he hadn’t changed much by the standards of looks. He had a boyish face and the deep grey eyes that my mother had and the strange black hair I had seen in the photo.

He looked at me with a hurt and confused expression as his eyes looked me over as if he was judging a horse.

“My name is Sam. Are you Ryan? Or did I just knock on some random girls door?” he said with confidence in his British voice, which actually kind of pissed me off.

“Well Sam you came to the right door but I was just leaving.” I glared like none other a glare that even scared mom “why are you here?”

“Well my dad shipped me into town for my mom’s funeral and I wanted to meet my little sister.” He was rather blunt “I assume that’s you. But if you are busy I can come back later…”

“Would you like to accompany me down to the pool?” I asked with pure sorrow in my voice. “I was just going to read.”

“Yeah I would love to.” He was positively beaming “how old are you Ryan?”

“I’m 15 as of just last month and you?” I asked instinctively, we started walking down the hall.

“18. But I help at Hogwarts. Kind of like a student teacher.”

“What do you know about the Potter’s?” I said with a curious look.

He replied with a slight grin on his face and stopped. “Lily is a total sweetheart. James is another story. He’s really popular but he’s nice too. And Albus was sorted into Slytherin. That was a shock. He is close friends with the Malfoy boy and is on the team. He’s the keeper.”

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