transfer student

what happens when an american starts at hogwarts? chaos? love?


2. leaving home


Even though it was only a few seconds that passed it felt like forever. After another forever what happened finally sunk in. she was gone. I was leaving the only place I knew better than my home and that too. I was leaving behind my culture. I was not ever going to have the same life. Ever again. I was vaguely aware of my uncle coming in and hugging my Aunt then wrapping me into a big bear hug and telling my aunt it was a hit and run, they hadn’t caught the person responsible. I wanted to die and or be in a coma till the pain was gone. The rest of that day was a blur. Everyone stared as I was escorted to my dorm by my aunt and uncle and as I ate dinner in the main cafeteria. By 7 o’clock I was saying my goodbyes and loading my stuff up in my uncles black souped-up ford 4x4. While we were packing we decided we would stay in Moab that night and head to my mom’s house in the morning seeing as it was a 5 hour dive to get to the small town she had settled in.

            When we pulled into the parking lot to the Marriott in Moab, I was jostled awake. The night was clear but my dark brown hair blocked my view. It was humid. Great I can have my mom die and have my hair go all poofy on the same day isn’t this great!?! My uncle came back to the truck to get me and Aunt Katie after he got the room keys. I guess they didn’t want me to be alone because they were worried I’d hurt myself or something because they got a 2-bed room. I was so exhausted that all I did was try to climb in my bed but Aunt Katie made me clean up first. That meant a shower while Roger (my uncle) went out to get some food. As I climbed out of the shower and began to dry off there was a knock on the bathroom door.

            “Ryan, are you dressed?” well isn’t Katie so sweet. “I thought you might want your hair braided, like you did when Ollie died…” she just had to bring up my dad. I was seven and she and my mom spent five hours braiding my hair to help me feel better.

“Aunt Katie, why are we going to London?” I asked while ignoring her original question. I was pulling my hoodie over my head when she replied with:

            “Roger got a job in London and I work at the school so we decided we are just going to live there full time. Do you want me to braid your hair?” My reply was simple.

“Yes I do.”

I walked out of the bathroom to find my aunt with a hair tie and a big green brush that looked as if it could rip out my hair… all of it in one swoop.

“What type of braid?” she said “I can do French, classic, fish tail, waterfall, or twisty.” After thinking I went with the fish tail, it’s one of my favorites I always just have loved how it looks. She began work on my hair as I flicked the TV on and started watching animal planet.

“Hey” she said as she tugged on a piece of hair “guess what?” the only thing that I could have thought of was, it was a dream. So I just said “What?”

“You are going to start school at Hogwarts! Aren’t you excited you get to attend the place where your dad and I attended? Roam the same halls and be in the same classes. Oh and I just talked to Harry, his kids are going to be there for you and so is he, he quite looked up to your dad… and mom. They were good to him.” Great just what I wanted to hear! I’d have “friends” because of pity. I had met Harry once or twice before but it was while my dad was still alive. I’m not sure what I was to do. I’m the same age as the youngest Potter, Lily Luna; I remember playing with her at one of the Quidditch games dad took me to with the Potters. She stopped talking when Roger got home with the food. He must really love me because he got Panda Express.

The next morning I woke to the sounds of Roger bustling around but there wasn’t the typical noise you expect. It was drown out by him blowing his nose. I couldn’t believe it my uncle was crying. I didn’t know he had emotions then I realized my mom was his twin sister. I wasn’t the only one feeling so alone without her. He must have noticed I was awake because he asked me what I wanted for breakfast. I just said donuts and juice. We ate and slowly got back on the road. Our plan for today was to go home, get everything packed up and put what we aren’t taking in a storage shed in town. We were going to rent the house out. Then we were going to load up the truck and drive to Vegas where Roger and Katie would finish packing in the next week and we would move. To London.

When we arrived at the house the first thing I did was go check on my mom’s owl. The tawny owl was now mine and he was a good owl. His name is Tweedle Dee. My dad used to have one named Tweedle Dum. They were twins and it broke Tweedle Dee’s heart when Tweedle Dum got sick and wouldn’t eat after my dad died. I let him out and told him where Roger lived in case we weren’t here when he got back. Katie then called me to my mom’s room to begin cleaning the house. As I was going through my mom’s drawers I came across a picture from right before my mom got pregnant with me. In it there were the Potters, my mom and dad, Roger and Katie, and a little boy. A little boy in my mom’s arms. A little boy who looked just like her.

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