transfer student

what happens when an american starts at hogwarts? chaos? love?


1. when it all fell to bits


I was sitting in a large aspen tree when I got the owl. It was from my favorite teacher, Mrs. Huston, calling me to her office. I thought it might be about my most recent essay on “The Origination of the Incendio Spell”. Contemplating whether it was about inaccuracy (which I doubt) or length (they always are “way too long for a fourth year student”) I made my way up to the front door of the high tech school, that most people thought housed delinquents. It was made mostly of glass, highly tinted and insanely reinforced glass. Where there wasn't glass there was black and white granite blocks. It wasn't a castle but a fortress in its own ways. The security measurements were stronger than the white house but not quite as good as Buckingham palace.

            The school left little to the imagination and there (unfortunately) weren't any good hiding spots. The school sat on fifteen acres of woodland in central Utah. On the grounds we had a brilliant view of the red rocks and slot canyons of southern Utah, just one five thousand foot drop away. There was a separate building that looked like a barn where all of our brooms and Quidditch supplies were stored and stables where we kept the owls and any animals for care of magical creatures. The school I attended was called the South Western Institute for Teens or SWIT for short. SWIT was my home from August 15th to May 23rd every year as it had been for little more than four years. It was the beginning of my fifth year and all was going well until now.

As I approached Mrs. Huston’s office, I heard my teacher consoling someone who was crying.

            “It will be alright, Ryan will be alright, she is a really smart, strong girl.”

The person crying said something unintelligible. To which my teacher said nothing, but I could hear her snuffle. I now look back and wish I had just turned and walked away. I wish I had done anything but what I did do. I wish I didn't open that door.

That had to have been the biggest mistake. Ever. The first thing I saw was my teacher hugging my aunt. My total bad-a aunt who kicked death eater butt in the battle of Hogwarts but then decided to move to the USA to marry my mom’s brother. My aunt who was the current Quidditch coach at Hogwarts. My aunt who grew up with harry potter and was best friends with my dad before he was killed and it was my aunt who took one look at me and looked as if her heart was being torn out of her chest and mangled.

“Ryan, honey,” she choked out in a really hoarse voice. “Baby, I’m so, so sorry.” By then I knew things could only get worse “come in here there is something really important I need to tell you.” She sobbed as she said it and when she did I realized I couldn't move. In a split second I knew something bad had happened. I used all my might to unglue my feet from my previous life and step into this new one. I slowly walked over and sat down.   

            “This is so hard to say, your uncle would have been here but he’s… making some arrangements…” my Aunt Katie choked out. “Honey, I’m afraid you have to come with me to London. Ryan, your mom was hit by a truck this morning on her way to work…”she was sobbing as she said it. The tears flowed heavily off her small nose and into her lap. Her light brown hair obscured most of her face. All that I was thinking as I was noticing these details was how this could be a joke… Aunt Katie didn't live in London… she hadn't since she married my uncle. I suddenly snapped back to the conversation when my Aunt was asking me what I needed

            Before I knew it I was hunched over and sobbing. Balling my eyes out because I finally grasped that my mother would never write me again. That she would never kiss me on the cheek and tell me she loves me. I managed to simply say “I don’t know what I need yet and yes to the plot it is in the Salt Lake City cemetery.” And as soon as I said that my aunt pulled me into a tight hug and whispered in my ear “it will be OK I promise it will. We are going to stay in London for a while I want you to go to school where I can keep a good eye on you.” 

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