Poetry Collection

Just a collection of poems. None of them are related to each other. Just read them and tell me what you think!


1. The Girl Who Froze to Death- A Sonnet

The snow falls softly on her raven hair,

The color of her flesh is pale white,

Once she was known as a lady so fair,

But Death had claimed her with all of his might.

Her hair was tossed with the violent breeze

Death felt her petty life was his to take

She pleaded for her life upon her knees

She then fell into a sleep without wake.

She is colder than the soft snow around

To find her one only knows where to look

Alas she cannot signal with a sound

She will just become a tale in a book

Though her eyes are closed, I hope you can see,

The girl who froze to death in snow was me.

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