In this lovely Niall Horan love story, you'll be wanting more. Jiall and Niall has been friends since they were in diapers. But now that Niall has left. Jiall missed Niall a lot. But once they reconnect again they fall for each other. After they started dating terrible things start to happen. Is fate trying to keep them apart or something else.......


4. What Just happened?


Auhor's Note :)

Hey guys sorry for not editing the story I've been working on other busy things like my recently new story called Opps, HI! It's a little Larry Stylinosn.. again! Lol, but it's up on Wattpad now. But yeah, I'll update my stories except 'Fallen Stars'! Because I've lost my interest in that story and decided to just stop writing it.. truth is that I got pretty bored.. But sorry for the people who loves it :/ But yeah enjoy these these next chapters of Truth or Dare and Libertine! Oh and I will be changing the covers of the  story so they can look a bit more interesting! Comment if you think so!! Bye!! xxx

Jj pulls away, but pecks my lips once more. I'm still in a daze that Jiall has actually kissed me!

Did Jiall really just kiss me?! Or was i just thinking that? At first we were talking about Jiall and Janice, the next...

her lips are against mine. I feel my face heat up. Ji looks down, her hair covering her beautiful face and she whispers, "Sorry.. that... just kind of slipped out.. and I've been waiting for you to come back and I got really lonely but I had Oliver." Oliver?! Whose this Oliver? "Ji.. whose Oliver?" I asked pulling her face up so I can see her's and move hair from her face. "He's... well... it's Oliver Sykes..."(sorry If it's like slanted i cant change it XP dumb PC won't let me) She mumbles. My eyes grow wide in shock. OLIVER FUCKING SYKES?! i mentally scream at her. There was so much I wanted to tell her about Oliver and how he's in a metal band that screams awfully. (A/N Sorry if you guys love Oliver! I do and stuff but 1D comes first!!) "Jiall..." I say her name slowly. She turns her brown eyes to me. "Why.... Oliver Sykes?" I asked. She sighs. "Well.. since you left.. Ollie -Ugh she gave him a nickname of Ollie - I ran into him as he was visiting friends her.." She says quietly. She keeps going on and tells me how she almost lost her innocence to him! I don't know what the hell I was feeling, but I didn't like it. I wanted to cry! Jealousy! My mind screamed at me. I ran out her room and went into my old room. Crying my eyes out. Maybe that's why the she is know and wearing all that stupid make-up and having her hair up in a sceneish emoish why. I stood up and banged my head against the wall. 'FUCK YOU OLIVER!" I screamed.


Sorry it's so fucking shirt I am at school and about to leave in threee minutes!! but comment and vote!! bye !! xxxxx -Jasani

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