In this lovely Niall Horan love story, you'll be wanting more. Jiall and Niall has been friends since they were in diapers. But now that Niall has left. Jiall missed Niall a lot. But once they reconnect again they fall for each other. After they started dating terrible things start to happen. Is fate trying to keep them apart or something else.......


2. Surprising Visit.

Niall POV

After nearly three years of not seeing my best friend Jiall I really wanted to see her but I couldn't because Simon said I couldn't visit anyone until the holidays. That really sucks. But the good thing is that Christmas and New Years is coming up and I get to go back to my hometown and visit my family.  I have a fear that she won't remember me after two and half years. "NIALL SNAP OUT OF IT!" I hear Simon yell at me. My head snaps quickly back to Simon and everyone. "Sheesh Simon you don't have to yell at me back to earth." I say while hands under my chin. "Well Mr. Horan you need to focus next time." He said looking at me straight in the eye. I just shrugged my shoulders as if I didn't care.  "Hey lad, what are you doing for the holidays?" Zayn asked me. "Going back to Ireland to visit my family." I murmur. He whispers an 'Oh'. After hour nearly two hour meeting with Simon I go back to my flat and start packing my things. There's a knock on the door. I stand up and open it and it's Louis. "Hey.. um.. I was wondering if I can come to?" He asked. I thought about it. "Sure whatever." I shrugged. Louis smiled really big. "So why aren't you going with Harry to visit his mum?" I asked. "I don't know Harry and his mum can have some son mum time together." Louis said. I couldn't think of anything to say so I just shook my head and finished up my last packing. "You ready?" I asked him. Louis smiled really big and shook his head. We took a taxi to the airport and got tickets to Ireland. We arrived at my lovely hometown. Mullingar, County Westmeath. Me and Louis got out of the taxi and I looked for our house. I found it. It looked way more improved from the last time I was here. Well all the houses did. I walked up the pathway to the house. I rang the door bell and I heard feet running and someone yell "I GOT IT!" As the door opened there stood a girl a little bit shorter than me, with raven black hair dark skinned but not as dark and light brown eyes. She wore a shirt that I believe that used to me mine and she wore black skinny jeans and mismatch socks. I looked at her, she looked a little bit familiar. "Oh.. my..god.. It's.. NIALL!" She shouted and launched at me.

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