In this lovely Niall Horan love story, you'll be wanting more. Jiall and Niall has been friends since they were in diapers. But now that Niall has left. Jiall missed Niall a lot. But once they reconnect again they fall for each other. After they started dating terrible things start to happen. Is fate trying to keep them apart or something else.......


3. Finding Out About Janice

Niall POV

After Jiall had launched at me and I introduced Louis to her. I noticed that Jiall has totally changed since 8th grade. Her hair was like.... It was just so puffy... and she had dark eyeliner and stuff. As we sat down in the kitchen my mum looked up from her cooking. "Niall!! You're home! We missed you!" She hugged and kissed me. "I missed you mum. But where's Janice?" I asked. Everyone got really quiet. Jiall looked at my mum. Then she looked back at me with tears in her eyes. "What? What happen?!" I started to grow impatient. Jiall got up and went upstairs. "Niall... Janice died.." My mum said crying. I couldn't believe my ears. "No she couldn't be!" I said. I then started crying. Louis then hugged me. I pushed him away. "You're lying to me mum!" I shouted and went upstairs. I heard crying and music coming from a room. I listen to the music: 'I've hurt myself and there's no one else to my friend... Hold me.. Wrap me up.. I unfold me I am small... And needy.. Warm me up. And breathe me. Ouch I have lost myself again. Lost myself and I nowhere to be found..' I walked into the room. It was dark and had many rock bands on the wall. Jiall was clenching something to her chest and crying. I wiped my tears. "Jj?" I asked. She looked up and put whatever she had away. "Oh, Niall it's just you." She sniffled. I sat on edge of her bed. "I'm sorry it's just that.. I don't talk about my mum often.." She says and puts her head on her shoulder. I know shouldn't have asked this. "What happened?" I asked. "She.. She.. Was depressed because my dad died from the war and stuff then she turned to drugs and stuff.. Then I heard her talking to herself.. I then went to sleep. I turned on 'Fallen Star' so I can sleep. The next morning I went my mum's room and she was... There was a lot of blood and stuff.. I saw the gun beside her hand. I head her hand and cried I kissed her forehead. That's when your mum came and heard me crying and she saw everything and she tried to pull away from the scene but I kept screaming 'I'm not leaving her side!' And the police had to pry me away." Jiall cried more. "Jj.. I can't believe Janice would do that." Said. "That's when I started to get bullied for what I like and dress like." Jiall said while looking into my eyes. "Jiall I-" I was cut off my Jiall kissing me.
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