This was just a poem I started off writing after reading some Lord of the Rings.
It is not strictly about Frodo, just any person... But as the two are so similar, I felt it necessary to call it that.
Not everything amounts to strictly Frodo, but to me it makes me think of him. So that is the reason why,for me, I had to call it Frodo.


1. Frodo

Hello my friend,

it's been a while...

Can you please give me,

one last smile?

I know it's hard,

I follow your tale.

I know you feel you really failed.

We owe our life,

for all you gave.

For every soul,

you bravely save.

Trust me dear one,

you helped us all,

Despite that time,

you took a fall.

You jumped back up.

You carried on.

Not resting till,

the battles won.

Life no longer,

seems the same.

That glory and,

unwanted fame.

You took a journey

on to the next.

Preparing to 

face the rest.

I wish you luck.

I wish you wealth.

I drink to your,

abounding health.

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