Diary of two shipwrecked girls

A girl named Anne and her best friend Lucy had saved almost all their lives to go to a cruise. Their dream came true but the ship collapsed. They try to save themselves and take a boat to get back home but they get stuck in an unknown island. They discover that 1D is also stuck there and they write in their diary: We are getting in love with 1D, that can't be we are beliebers...


7. Zayn Malik

By: Lucy


I was so angry! How could she betray JB that way! I was furious, more than furious! But then, the door opened. I thought it was Anne to apologize but it was not! It was the most handsome and sexy boy I had ever seen. He was cool, hot, sexy, handsome and fabulous.


"Um...Hello?" he said. That remembered me that he was from One Direction, but he was so cool that I said:


"Hello, I am Lucy Armstrong"


"I am Zayn Malik" I was half furious and half enchanted so I began to cry."Why are you crying?" he ask


"Is that...I...I love Justin Bieber so I angry with my best friend because she said you had saved us, but you are so handsome that I confused, but if I get in love with you I will betray Justin Bieber"


"No, you love your mom even it is not Justin Bieber. If you love someone doesn't means you hate the other one" I hug him but I didn't said anything. In that moment the door opened.

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