Diary of two shipwrecked girls

A girl named Anne and her best friend Lucy had saved almost all their lives to go to a cruise. Their dream came true but the ship collapsed. They try to save themselves and take a boat to get back home but they get stuck in an unknown island. They discover that 1D is also stuck there and they write in their diary: We are getting in love with 1D, that can't be we are beliebers...


4. Shipwrecked

By: Lucy


I cant describe my happiness. I fell so happy. Anne instead is worried because its raining very much. But I didn't think so till I heard:


"Run for your lives, the ship has crashed in a rock" 


Anne and I took some luggage and left for our lives. When we got to the lifeboats there was nobody. There was just a boat waiting for us. We left the cruise, but I think it was a big mistake. I cant remember much, just that we appeared in a beach. We were in a cabin of the boat, maybe it had fall there.

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