Diary of two shipwrecked girls

A girl named Anne and her best friend Lucy had saved almost all their lives to go to a cruise. Their dream came true but the ship collapsed. They try to save themselves and take a boat to get back home but they get stuck in an unknown island. They discover that 1D is also stuck there and they write in their diary: We are getting in love with 1D, that can't be we are beliebers...


6. Discuss

By: Anne


When Lucy woke up I said to her:


"Don't be scared, One Direction saved us"


"What? Now you don't like Justin Bieber"


"No! It is just that they saved us and you should be grateful"


"Do you think I'm not grateful!"You are just a traitor!"


I decided it wasn't a good idea keep on so I decided to explore the island and I went out.

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