Diary of two shipwrecked girls

A girl named Anne and her best friend Lucy had saved almost all their lives to go to a cruise. Their dream came true but the ship collapsed. They try to save themselves and take a boat to get back home but they get stuck in an unknown island. They discover that 1D is also stuck there and they write in their diary: We are getting in love with 1D, that can't be we are beliebers...


10. Cannibals

By: Louis Tomlinson


Don't ask me why I am writing in this thing. Anne and Lucy said to me that they "didn't had time" to write here. So, why did they purchased this thing... Well, as you SHOULD know, Niall watches the house, the rest look for wood. We made groups, Zayn was with me. We were going by the same way we always go, but this time we heard some noises.


"Boys?" said Zayn. No one said a single word.


"Silence" I decided to murmur










"Run!" I shout. I have to admit that I was scared. We ran but those cannibals were REALLY FAST so they captured us. I think they were going to cook us but I'm not sure. There was also a beautiful girl and a manager. We were all scared. The cannibals ate the manager, that was really disgusting. Then one of the cannibals said something to the "lord" so they took their wooden boats and they went. I pulled till I get to a weapon they had let on the floor so I cut the rope and I cut the ones that tied up the girl and the ones that tied up Zayn. Zayn and I guided the girl to our "house". Her name is Mary, she has 19 years old. She was going to sign a contract for enterprise in europe but the boat crashed.

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