Diary of two shipwrecked girls

A girl named Anne and her best friend Lucy had saved almost all their lives to go to a cruise. Their dream came true but the ship collapsed. They try to save themselves and take a boat to get back home but they get stuck in an unknown island. They discover that 1D is also stuck there and they write in their diary: We are getting in love with 1D, that can't be we are beliebers...


9. Beach Time

By: Anne


Lucy and I decided to make a beach party. I know, we are shipwrecked, but even all that stuff we can have fun. We took some tables in a strange house of another person who shipwrecked long time ago and we took some Coca Cola we rescated from the cruise and we did our beach party. We had some water guns and some balloons so we did a water-fight we did teams and we had fun. I saw Lucy speaking with Zayn. I don't really know anything. I alone even I'm not shy. I tried to speak with Niall but he said he was going to be alone a little time so I keep walking. I saw then Louis talking with Harry...But where was Liam? I asked myself some seconds when I saw him. He was in the ocean very tired, he couldn't move! I swam were he was and brought him back.


"Are you OK?" I asked


" Yes, I'm OK, thanks" he said


That night I had a strange dream. I was alone with Niall and he was angry with me I don't know why so he threw me to a volcano so I woke up.


"Are you OK?" asked someone


"Who is there?" I asked


"It's Liam" the guy said


"Yes I'm OK" I say "Why aren't you sleeping" 


"I couldn't" he said. 




"Is that when I sleep I dream I am alone in the ocean and..."


"Don't worry, I am here for you"

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