Summer Love (A Niall Horan Fan Fic)

When Niall runs into Sarah at the Supermarket, he can't stay away. It was Love at first sight. They both fall deeply in love for one another. Can their love last?


2. Nice throw

~Sarah's POV~

We got into his car and passed up all the restaurants. Where was he taking me? We pulled in his flat and i guess we were eating lunch here.

"If it's ok with you we are going to eat here." Niall asked.

"Oh, yeah thats fine." I said.

We walked up to the door and he let me in. RIght when I walked in, I saw his band mates.

"Boys, this is Sarah. " Niall said.

"HIII SARAHH." They all said.

"Niall, i thouht you were going to buy snacks? Is she our lunch?" I think Louis said that.

"Relax man. I got our food right here." Holding up a bag of groceries.

"Awesome! Lets eat! By the way, I'm Harry."

"Im Liam." Liam said quitely.

"Im Zayn. Vas happening?" Zayn said excidily.

"Im Louis. Sorry about wanting to eat you. Im also hungry." He threw the fork across the room, making it land in the sink.

"Nice throw." I said.

"Ha, thanks." Louis replied.


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