I knew a girl

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  • Published: 10 Jan 2013
  • Updated: 10 Jan 2013
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First poem I've ever written. Feedback is much appreciated!


1. Poem

I knew a girl
she didn't know where to belong
and drew with a ball point pen
maps on my hand
in the form of roses

I knew a girl
she was sure where to go
and roses turned to words with thorns
that cut my skin
wherever she drew

I knew a girl
she changed emotions
like other people change clothe
and one day we were friends
and the next she didn't answer

I knew a girl
she was always good in school
and everybody knew
she would go far
because she had a plan for everything

I knew a girl
she lied to herself
and people in the corners whispered
that she kissed a boy
that wasn't her boyfriend

I knew a girl
but I don't anymore
we used to be friends
but people change
is what they say

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