What is my mother's voice?

This poem is about my mother's voice and I describe it using metaphors. It's in Somali! :D


1. The Start

What is my mother’s voice?


Coodkeeda is as loud as a horn, shouting “Naaya Kaalay”

Coodkeeda demands like a petulant child

Coodkeeda is sweet like a whiff of Starbucks coffee on a Soho street

Coodkeeda, you hear day and night like the nonstop cars during rush hour

Coodkeeda is magical, keeping you under a spell for a lifetime

Coodkeeda is enchanting, the way the city life lights up

Coodkeeda is a harmony, begging even the dead and deaf to listen

Coodkeeda is comfort like the bus seat to home from work

Coodkeeda is a rhythm; it flows like the River Thames

Coodkeeda is coodkeeda, she’s the owner, taking no rubbish

Coodkeeda is protective, knowing she’s there, by your side.



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