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Here to give the movellas with less viewers a chance and for everyone to find new movellas to read. I'll be looking at movellas from the group "New Movellians." Or... Nominations from the comments. I can start a rate system. 1 star to 5 star. You can nominate yourself, I honestly don't mind. I hope you enjoy the movellas in this movella. I'll try to upload as much as I can.

Any genres are welcome. Romance, Fanfictions, Fantasy, Poems etc.

*Recruiting co-authors for this movella

The point in which I write this movella is not only for the benefit of the featured movellas but also writers can see other's stories and how they can improve on theirs. Sometimes I point out the same thing on different movellas because I believe they can both improve in the same... sense. So I hope reading this movella will help improve your writing. :)


6. Meet Me in an Irish Coffee Shop (Fanfic)

Meet Me in an Irish Coffee Shop - mrstomlinson1224 and Boo Bear's Teddy Bear.


This story is based on Keavy and Scottie. These two are very good friends on Movellas and they've both decided they'd want to meet each other in an Irish Coffee Shop when they get older. It's for fun and it's imagination for the future. It's a realistic fan fiction novel.


I found this story very sweet. It was original because it's based on Keavy (Boo Bear's Teddy Bear) and Scottie (mrstomlinson1224.) They are real friends on Movellas and they honestly do want to meet each other, as I've acknowledged from the comments. I've enjoyed the movella because of the originality and the descriptiveness of the story. My suggestion is just to read over the chapters before publishing them because there are quite a few spelling mistakes, such as thats and that's and bough and bought. Checking and editing before publishing is crucial to writing an effective novel (Movella.) Very well done over all.


I've enjoyed this story. You'll too, so please check it out :)


Rate: 4.5/5


Author's Message:

I haven't updated in quite a while so I apologize for that. Please continue to send me emails if you want to join me and Scottie in the quest of commenting, rating, criticizing, and promoting stories. As well, more stories are welcome. :) Bye for now.

~ Kelly G

[Posted February 1, 2013 @ 8:15pm Eastern Standard TIme]

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