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Here to give the movellas with less viewers a chance and for everyone to find new movellas to read. I'll be looking at movellas from the group "New Movellians." Or... Nominations from the comments. I can start a rate system. 1 star to 5 star. You can nominate yourself, I honestly don't mind. I hope you enjoy the movellas in this movella. I'll try to upload as much as I can.

Any genres are welcome. Romance, Fanfictions, Fantasy, Poems etc.

*Recruiting co-authors for this movella

The point in which I write this movella is not only for the benefit of the featured movellas but also writers can see other's stories and how they can improve on theirs. Sometimes I point out the same thing on different movellas because I believe they can both improve in the same... sense. So I hope reading this movella will help improve your writing. :)


7. Harry Potter!

This is a Harry Potter fan fiction written in Harry and Ginny's daughters' point of view.


I have not read a Harry Potter fan fiction on Movellas.


This is a book called The Owl Key by a friend I know personally Jillybean10! This is the only Movellian that I know personally and Jillybean10 (Jillian) has lots of good things in writing ahead of her.

This book is very descriptive and has some vocabulary you would not probably know off the top of your head. Jillian is a great fanfictasy writer- that is fan-fiction and fantasy. She has a real passion for Harry Potter, and Daniel Radcliffe, believe me. This Movella is very descriptive and there is always the normal typos, but overall fantastic job so far for Jillian. Great job, Leslie. (Inside joke)


Rate: 4.99/5


Author's Note:


I too have not updated in a while and I apologize too. I usually run things over with Kelly, but I had this giant outburst of science and math homework which eventually turned into two tests- that were on the same day. So if I want to stay on Movellas and you want me to stay on Movellas, let me get good grades and your wish will be fulfilled of me being on here and new chapters for this book.

Please keep commenting your stories and we will look over them :) But remember, we cannot review every story, so yours might not be on here! Sorry!

Good bye bye :)

~ Scottie (MrsTomlinson1224)

[Posted February 1st, 2013 @ 9:02 PM Central Time]

P.S. Happy Birthday Harry Styles! (I had to, I'm sorry. :P)

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