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Here to give the movellas with less viewers a chance and for everyone to find new movellas to read. I'll be looking at movellas from the group "New Movellians." Or... Nominations from the comments. I can start a rate system. 1 star to 5 star. You can nominate yourself, I honestly don't mind. I hope you enjoy the movellas in this movella. I'll try to upload as much as I can.

Any genres are welcome. Romance, Fanfictions, Fantasy, Poems etc.

*Recruiting co-authors for this movella

The point in which I write this movella is not only for the benefit of the featured movellas but also writers can see other's stories and how they can improve on theirs. Sometimes I point out the same thing on different movellas because I believe they can both improve in the same... sense. So I hope reading this movella will help improve your writing. :)


3. 2 stories: Paranormal and Supernatural. No edit.


His Eyes by Valediction. Paranormal and Supernatural.

In chemistry class, May and Chris are set up as partners and when May sees him looking at her, she gets flustered and forgets to breathe. His looks overwhelm her as she looks from the desk in front of him to his black shirt. The teacher catches the two of them talking and sends them both to detention without a minute's delay. 

This was a very well written movella. I wasn't sure how to rate it because there was only one chapter but I'm reviewing it by what I read. Looking at the blurb, I thought it would for sure be a horror story but then I saw the category, Paranormal and Supernatural, I was really surprised. I felt like I was sitting beside the characters and observing their every move. I would just say to try to be more descriptive about the characters and settings. I think it helps the viewer look from the character's point of view, when stories are more descriptive. I enjoyed the book and I hope you will too. I hope the author updates though. :)

Rate: 4/5


The Time-Keepers by SmileyFacexx. Paranormal and Supernatural.

Sara is in school when she finds out her best friend's brother had gone missing. She and her best friend have not had any contact during the weekend so Sara was shocked to hear that someone so close to both her and her best friend had disappeared out of nowhere. Her world gets flipped over when she hears the truth. Sara's world will never be the same... ever again.

I like the descriptive words used in this movella. To be honest the plot reminded me of "Pretty Little Liars." Even a few of the character names are the same. :) The plot is amazing from what I've read so far. In the beginning the tense changes from past to present. Maybe she was talking about before and then the present but my advice is to just use one tense because it tends to get a tad confusing.

Rate: 3/5 


Author's Message:

Hey! I'm just here to say that these movellas were amazing to read so I hope you enjoy. As well, I hope you guys don't really expect to get 5/5 because that's hard to achieve. I don't usually give 1/5 and 5/5 because of standards. :) 1/5 seems really harsh. :( 5/5 is achievable though, putting that out there :D  x

[Posted January 11, 2013 @ 8:44pm]

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