Lane of secrets...


3. 3

After an hour of everyone running around trying to get ready, ducking in and out of the bathrooms and wrestling to keep the kids clean they were all finally ready to get on their way to the restaurant. Despite the fact that Kasey had disappeared earlier and had still not shown up, Hanna was feeling good. Later, she would worry about Kasey but for now she was determined to have a good time! He had been acting very strange since she had first mentioned the recent stalker business. She just couldn’t figure it out! Kasey’s behaviour had seriously changed in the last two months or so. Normally he was such a placid person, he always had been like that or at least whenever she saw him he was. ‘Do I really know who I married?’ Hanna thought silently as she clambered into her brother’s car and shut the door.
As the car backed out of the driveway she looked over at Jaime - who was driving- and sighed before she spoke up, “Jaime? I need to speak to you and Tom on the way home. I…I don’t know what to do, I just feel lost right now especially since Kasey is becoming increasingly cold and distant each day that passes.” Hanna whispered, glancing briefly towards the back of the car. Kody and Ali were sat in the back so Hanna couldn’t say much to Jaime right now - it wouldn’t be nice for them to hear her talking about their dad. Instead she’d just have to wait until they came back for dinner. Jaime glanced over at Hanna and gave a brief nod of his head. He could tell she had something on her mind she needed to say.
By the time they had all arrived at the restaurant, Kasey had still not shown up despite the fact that Hanna had called and left him messages numerous times since he’d left the house in a mood that afternoon. Sitting between her brothers Hanna felt safe but the uneasy sensation in the depth of her stomach was now forming a tight knot, there was no doubt in her mind now that Kasey had a secret to hide, problem was she didn’t know what yet. Hanna knew she couldn’t just confront him - no that wouldn’t work at all, she’d need to bide her time and keep an eye on his movements and keep note of any signs of him possibly having a secret affair. “So, what are you having?” Tom whispered in Hanna’s ear waking her from her reverie. She looked up realising that the waiter was looking at her expectantly, he’d asked her what she was having twice already. “Oh I’m so sorry. I’ll have the combination crispy noodles please, Hong Kong style, and I’ll also have a side of fishcakes please.” She said politely to the waiter who nodded and continued with the rest of the family’s orders. “Thanks Tom! I was just thinking… again!” Hanna smiled weakly at her brother who nodded and just held her hand in his, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

“It’s nice to be home,” Jaime thought as he polished off his spring rolls, looking around the tables at all the happy faces. To his left sat Hanna and to his right sat his little niece Ali, such a sweet but cheeky kid she always greeted him with a hug whenever he saw her. Kody was Ali’s twin but they were complete opposites of each other, while Ali was cheeky, Kody was a more reserved child. Thankfully nothing like his father! Suddenly there was a clattering of noise and muffled shouts coming from out the back of the restaurant, the sudden noise startled the majority of the room who turned stunned towards the source of the rucas.
As if on cue, Kasey staggered in through the kitchen doors into the full restaurant, a bottle of vodka tightly gripped in his hand.
Beside him Jaime heard Hanna gasp at the state of Kasey standing unsteadily on his feet in front of them. Her eyes were darting nervously from the kids, to Kasey, to the shocked waiter behind the bar who was unsure of how to handle this loony who was swaying by the door. The rest of the staff too were looking from one to the other, unsure of whether or not to move. Composing herself Hanna stood up from her chair slowly, making her way around the table and towards Kasey. She strode purposely towards him, she knew it was important to show no fear and make it appear as if she was strong and determined. “Kasey! Stand up. It’s time to get you home. You’re a mess.” Hanna said, looking pointedly at Kasey who was now slumped on the floor, still gripping his bottle in his hand.
Surprised at Hanna’s sudden firmness, Kasey wobbled to his feet and glared at her. “Since when did you become tough?” Kasey slurred with a snort.
“Since when did you become a useless drunk?” Hanna shot back, looking him straight in the eye. “Come on, get up. You’re going home. NOW Kasey!!”

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