Lane of secrets...


2. 2

“Jaime! Over here!” Hanna yelled from outside the terminal doors, she had been waiting over two hours for her brother to arrive; now she could finally fill him in on the recent happenings. Rushing over, Jaime enveloped his little sister in a hug. It was good to be back, now together with Tom he could sort out all this bad business with whoever was following Hanna. “It’s good to see you Han, let’s go. You can fill me in on all that’s been happening on the drive home; Tom called me and told me about what happened at the cinema. What has Kasey said about it all?” Jaime asked Hanna as he let go of her.
“Not much to be honest! He seems to be quite on edge about it all but whenever I mention it, he just says it’ll be fine and we’re not in danger. I guess I shouldn’t doubt him but it makes me think he’s either somehow in on it, or he knows who it is.” Hanna replied shaking her head and looking down at the floor.
“Anyway let’s get to the car and we’ll talk on the journey home” Hanna continued walking towards the car park.

It was a two and a half hour drive back from the airport so the pair had plenty of time to chat. Hanna told Jaime all about the recent events, he sat listening silently and nodding occasionally, thinking it all over in his mind. Jaime could hear the nervousness in his sister’s angelic voice, which made him even more determined to sort it out. His gut instinct was telling him it was all linked to Kasey; tonight he’d convince Kasey to go into the summer house where he’d be waiting with Tom to quiz Kasey about what he knew…that was if he knew anything!
Kasey easy to figure out, he was one of those people who sub-consciously did things when he was lying, so if he touched his shoulder and looked down he was usually lying. Tom and Jaime were the only ones in the family who knew about Kasey’s dodgy past. The brothers had reservations about whether he could leave it all behind for Hanna, but despite their doubts it seemed he had – until now. “Alright, here we are. Everyone’s waiting inside for you so brace yourself, you’ve been missed! Especially by me, not that I’d tell anyone else” Hanna exclaimed and laughed and her brother’s expression.  “Come on, Ali and Kody miss their uncle so you got to come in!” Hanna giggled as the two of the hauled Jaime’s luggage out the boot if the car and started towards the large house, with the suitcases dragging behind them.
“Uncle Jaime! We’ve missed you; we’ve all been waiting ages for you and mum!” Ali said as she and Kody rushed up and hugged their uncle. Jaime had missed his niece and nephew too; they were such sweet, polite kids. They certainly didn’t deserve to have whoever was lurking in the shadows around putting their mum on edge! Once again Jaime felt the strong need to sort the problems out quickly so it didn’t take its toll on these innocent kids….Problem was, how could he solve it without landing Kasey in it with Hanna? Jaime was still deep in thought when Kasey strolled over with a drink in his hand. “You alright mate? Hanna’s been dead excited for you to come back, I guess she just needed her big brother especially with all this funny business going on” Kasey said to Jaime.
“Yeah. Well I’m back now and I don’t intend to let her come to any harm! Oh, I wanted to talk to you privately later; meet me in the summerhouse at eight tonight? We’re going out for a meal together at six o’clock remember?” Jaime responded. “Tom will be at the summerhouse too, so we’ll see you when we all get back ok.” Then Jaime lowered his voice and leaned in towards Kasey’s ear and said “Just remember we all know about what went on all those years ago. We promised to keep quiet and give you a chance to make Hanna happy so you had better not be connected to this stalker!”
“Are you threatening me Jaime? Now what would Hanna say about that” Kasey replied, narrowing his eyes and smirking at Jaime. “You’ve always thought you were great haven’t you…Ha!”
“Why are you so proud of yourself Kasey? Huh?! I’ve got my suspicions about you and whoever this stalker is – you think Hanna would be with you if she knew?! You’re kidding yourself! We’ll finish this later, the kids are coming over.” Jaime replied and walked away, leaving Kasey stood there bristling with anger as he watched him walking over to everyone. 

He stayed rooted to the spot, glowering, until Hanna –who had been watching the slightly heated exchange between the two guys – walked over to him and put her hand on his arm. “Are you okay sweetie? Did Jaime have a go at you? You know he’s just worried about us all, it makes him on edge not knowing what’s going on.” She said to Kasey with an anxious edge to her voice.  “It’s fine, honestly. We were just having a laugh, its okay. I’m going outside, I’ll be back soon.” Kasey replied before walking away without looking back.


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