Lane of secrets...


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Friday fun night was a tradition in the Wilmont household and tonight was no different from any other night, or so they all thought, little did they know that their whole world was shortly going to be turned upside down completely.

As they all sat down to watch one of the latest movies at their local cinema, Hanna was on edge, not from anticipation at seeing the film but because she had a feeling that someone had been watching her recently and that they had followed her and her family to the cinema this evening. Hanna had developed a sixth sense for danger and trouble ever since the fatal spring of her 14th birthday. Her grandparents had flown in from Spain to spend the spring with her and the rest of the family but had never made it after the car had veered off the road on the way to the house after one of the worst mists that spring had silently settled over the moors that surrounded the family home for miles.

“Psst, Mum! Pass the popcorn will you? Before dad has a chance to scoff it all!” Ali whispered to Hanna.
Hanna smiled at her daughter and passed her the tub filled with gooey, sweetened popcorn. “Don’t you go eating it all yourself, Kody will want some too!” Ali just stuck her tongue out in reply and delved a hand into the over-flowing tub.
“Actually, where are dad and Kody? They were here just now weren’t they?  The movie is about to begin so they better get their butt’s in gear!” Ali hissed to her mother.
“Oh stop complaining!” Laughed Hanna. “Your brother and your father have gone to get some hotdogs, they’ll be here any minute. Ah, speak of the devil, here’s they come! Shift out of the way Ali before you end up having a hotdog dropped on your head!” Hanna giggled as the image of Ali’s face if her brother dropped their hotdogs on her head.

As the four of them sat down happily in their seats, with their laps filled with food and drinks, Hanna still couldn’t shake the feeling that they were all being watched. Once the movie had started playing she tried to forget her niggling senses, instead her gut instinct continued to drag her back to reality and the growing sense of paranoia. Hanna looked up and scanned the room, searching frantically around to see if anyone stood out looking suspicious. Unfortunately, because of the darkness, she could hardly see anything. Taking a deep breath, she squeezed Kasey’s hand; he turned his gaze to his wife and gave her a weak smile and a look that said ‘Are you okay?’ to which Hanna just shrugged her shoulders.

Kasey and Hanna had known each other as kids; this was because Kasey had been Hanna’s older brother Tom’s best friend. Tom was born two and a half years before Hanna, but was the middle child of Sandra and Paul Ericson; the couple also had another son whose name was Jaime, who was the eldest. Although Jaime worked away from home, he’d frequently return home to check on the family, especially his little sister. No-one except Tom and Jaime knew about Kasey’s dark past.

Jaime was heading back to his real home after working abroad for three long, exhausting months. He spent quite a few months abroad because of his company so he owned two homes, one at home and one away. Buying his lodge was far cheaper than paying for hotels, and it was a bonus that his friends and family could also use it when they went on holiday! Sitting in business class on the plane, Jaime reclined his clam shell shaped seat in the private cubicle and thought back to the phone call he’d received yesterday morning. The call had been from his brother, Tom, which he hadn’t been expecting since he was due to return home that week. Recalling what Tom had proceeded to say made Jaime realise he needed to get home as soon as possible, so that afternoon, he rescheduled his flight. Jaime had sat silently listening to Tom explaining how Hanna had sensed something was wrong, and that someone had been following and watching them. Although she was still unsure who they were as well as if it was her or her family they were actually after.

Two hours later Jaime was awoken by a hand on his arm and the sound of a woman’s voice in his ear saying his name, he opened his eyes to see it was the stewardess – he had fallen asleep. Hauling his hand luggage down from the overhead container and then smiling at the stewardess, Jaime strolled off towards the plane’s exit. Figuring it would be either cold or wet, he had made sure he was well wrapped up, however as he disembarked he found he couldn’t have been more wrong. Walking through the airport with the beautiful, golden sunshine pouring through the windows, Jaime couldn’t have felt more happy or content. Little did he know, although it was a sunny, a dark, cold, aggressive storm of emotions would soon rip all that happiness away.

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