The Lost Friend

Mavis Styles and Jessica Zooan are ordinary people. Their friends are Joses, Jechonias, Jocelyn, and Angelia. Life goes as normal, until their friend Joses goes missing... As the gang find out what happen, they are also kidnapped, one bye one.... Now it's up to one person to save her friends.

In this story, you will see what friends can do for love.


2. The Trouble Hour


Mavy P.O.V

Suddenly the bell rang (ting-tong, ting-tong) there they are the twins which when right when Mavy started to stressed out..

"Hi," I said while opening the door.. 

Jeje replied "Hi, is Jess around?" I replied "Yeah, she just woke up and she's taking a bath...

Jeje replied "Ok. By the way (BTW) tell her to hurry up."

"Okay... Btw where is Jojo?" I replied.

"He is his way he has things to do just now." He replied

"Okay, then." I said

3 minutes past and no sign of Jojo , three of us were waiting for him for like 5 hours and still no phone call or even a text-message what's going on? Is there something wrong with him?

"I don't know?" Jess said

The bell rang (Ting-tong Ting-tong) who is that is that Jojo outside?I opened the door it was Jocy and Angie

"Hi." Jocy and Angie said at the same second

"Hey, come in btw have you both seen Jojo?" I said.

"Nope." Angie replied

"I think I saw him 4 hours and 15 mins ago.. but I saw him he was like someone was right behind him and I think if I wasn't wrong I think I saw he tied up he saw me but could not say anything." Jocy said.

"What didn't at least you go near him?!" Jeje shouted at Jocy.

"I was too scared, something wasn't right. don't blame me.." Jocy said quietly.


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