The Lost Friend

Mavis Styles and Jessica Zooan are ordinary people. Their friends are Joses, Jechonias, Jocelyn, and Angelia. Life goes as normal, until their friend Joses goes missing... As the gang find out what happen, they are also kidnapped, one bye one.... Now it's up to one person to save her friends.

In this story, you will see what friends can do for love.


11. The Plan

Jess's P.O.V.

"Okay here's the plan......" She exlpained it it was so boring.... Then she heard her cellphone rang kring-kring , kring-kring... and she went "Hello?" I said

"You better come here tomorrow at 7pm or your friend here will suffer...." Clara said

"Okay change plan... Hmm...There is 1. Jeje, 2. Jojo, 3. Jocy, 4. Nadra and 5. Angie okay I'll divide you 5 to 3 groups..." I said

"Yes Ma'am..." Everyone said

"Good.. Jeje you're with me." I said

"Jojo and Jocy hide behind the bushes till I give u both the signal understand.." I explained

"What about us? " Nadra and Angie asked

"You both stay behind me.. understand.." I said

"Yes Ma'am.." Angie said

"Me and Jeje will be group A, Jocy and Jojo will be group B, and Nadra and Angie will be group C... understand..." I said

"Everyone clear!" I shouted at the middle of the night well

it's 5 in the morning

"We'll meet here at 6pm... Good night everyone..." I said


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